Calling for a Day of Darkness and Silence on Wednesday

Wednesday will be the inauguration of a new Regime in the United States of America.  That new Regime has already ordered twenty thousand (20,000) military troops to Washington DC, to protect them from the People of America.  The new Regime has already begun the Great Purge, from Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, of the over 75 million people who supported President Donald Trump.

Let Wednesday, then, be a day of Darkness and Silence in America, in recognition of the Dark Days that have already been announced.  Leave the nation’s capital to the small-minded, vengeful Bureaucracy, and their small-minded, so-called “representatives”.  From a Ricochet friend:

Not a day of celebration, but a day to reflect on next steps, and to get on with the work of nation building in the face of a temporary setback. Let the contrast be stark with the enthusiasm due only to leaders who serve the American people. The incoming administration is one richly deserving of being ignored, and opposed when necessary. But I propose that there be no public rallies on this day, no protests, no attention paid to these unworthy pretenders led by a cipher – a zero of no importance.

Empty chairs

Let this be the image broadcast world-wide of the inauguration of the New Regime in America. Let them sit, masked, socially-distanced from each other, denied all human contact.  Let them see how the Real Americans see them.  Let us band together, and vow to make them Fail at what they have planned for Us.  The newly-elected (?) president has already told us to expect a Dark Winter ahead.  Let us hope that Darkness envelops them, also, and not just us.

They are the personification of Evil.  We must not let Evil triumph.  Onward, to Victory!

One thought on “Calling for a Day of Darkness and Silence on Wednesday

  1. Percival

    The only disappointing thing about the list of “celebrities” scheduled to participate in their inauguration themed on “healing” and “unity” is that I won’t be able to ignore anybody new. Justin Timberlake? Already ignored. Lady Gaga? Ditto. John Legend? Who?

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