Stealth Tyranny

Did you know that eight states are pushing legislation to make it mandatory for all public high-school seniors to fill out the Federal Financial-Aid form or they don’t graduate?  That form, known as “Fafsa”, is the application for federal grants and loans that all students applying for college are required to complete, since the Obama administration took over all student loans.

Think about that.  What if your child is not college material?  What if your son is intent on going into the Military when he graduates?   What if your daughter has decided that she wants to go to work full-time for the employer she has worked for during her high-school summers?  What if your kid prefers to become a carpenter’s apprentice and work in construction right out of high school?

Filling out that complex government form gives them a wealth of family financial information.  It tells them about all the sources of family income and wealth.  According to the Wall Street Journal today, this is a way of “guiding more students toward college”.  As if more people need to go to college!  Already, most college students don’t graduate in the normal four years, and more and more students drop out before completing a degree, with high levels of student debt they will not be able to pay back.  Are you sure you want the government to have all that information?

And we all know that, these days, college doesn’t educate, as much as indoctrinate young minds with more and more Leftist claptrap.  Most colleges are more interested in “critical race theory” than teaching young people about their country, and the great ideas that made it possible.  [except, of course, for Hillsdale]

So. parents, please pay attention to the forms your senior brings home this year, and object strenuously to this  unfair attempt to steer your student into a future they may not be ready for, or want.  Make your objections known to your School District, and your State.  Or, maybe, decide to remove your kid from the public school system entirely, and save them from indoctrination.

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