And which political party is the real inciter of violence?

Just today, there are a couple of headlines that show which side of the aisle really incites violence, all day every day.

First, there’s the BLM Protest (actually a riot), taking place in New York City.  Eleven Leftist rioters were arrested in that little scuffle, and two New York City policemen were injured.  Violence, anyone?

Then, there’s the statement made by one of President Trump’s legal team (which assured that he was not convicted in the phony impeachment trial).  That lawyer stated that his Law Firm, his Family, and his Business, are “Under Siege” right now.  Now, who might be besieging this lawyer?  The Left, of course.

The Left, whose Big Tech minions are in the business of crushing all those with whom they disagree.  The Left who regularly issues public death threats against Republican and conservative people, both in and outside of politics.  The Left, whose Twitter Mobs regularly bombard others with nasty language, threats of violence, and threats of “de-programming” in the Gulag that they are planning.  Ever since the day that Donald Trump was elected president, the Left has been doing their best to get rid of him, for good.  Who can forget the picture of some stupid actress or other, holding the severed head of President Trump in her hand and grinning?  Never forget that, because they are coming for all of us.

5 thoughts on “And which political party is the real inciter of violence?

  1. Those of us the Left don’t get the Right will take care of for them.

    How many conservatives have been banned for life from Ricochet? What were their crimes against center-rightism?

      1. Unless you are gay!

        BTW, I used no bad words but all the evidence of that fact has been deleted to be replaced by lies and innuendo.

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