We have a few squirrels who frequent our yard, using the high fence as their highway to get around all the yards.  One of them showed up this afternoon, and gave us all sorts of fun antics to laugh at.


Here he is on the fence, obviously trying to decide what kind of mischief to get into next.  He is easy to photograph, since he will sit still for minutes at a time.


Brrrrr!  His tummy must be cold from sitting in the snow!


He’s in the vine maple tree on the east side of the yard near the seed feeder.  He knows that he can’t get the seed from the squirrel-proof feeder, so he just watches for a while, looking hungry.  When he has had enough…


He climbs down.  You can see all the snow on the branch above him, and he slid much of the way down the branch he was on!

Squirrels are supposed to be pests, but ours are just so much fun to watch, it’s hard to think of them that way.

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