The condition of Seattle today-Updated

The KOMO-Seattle Web site has a heartbreaking story about what the City of Seattle has become, after a year of Government pandemic lockdowns and months of rioting and destruction in the downtown core.  Here are some quotes from the story.  Bolding and italics are mine.

On the ground and in the streets there is a different feel. Businesses sit boarded up. For lease signs dot windows.  The COVID-19 pandemic, along with crime, is reshaping the city.

Shops that are still open, like Simple Life Clothing, are still struggling.  “I try to do my best to keep my good mood, be positive,” said Pamela Morales, owner of Simple Life Clothing.Morales, a native of Peru, said her sales are down 70 percent. On top of the virus – her store was vandalized and looted last summer.  “If I decide to stop, I don’t know what will be my other job in the future,” Morales said.

In downtown at least 155 businesses have permanently closed their doors. Office vacancy is at roughly 11.6 percent and it’s expected to stay like that for the next few years.  In all there’s more than 12 million square feet of office space sitting empty.  “We have got some tough challenges to face,” said Jon Scholes, president of the Downtown Seattle Association.

On March 5, we find a new story about how the Covid crisis (just another excuse) has helped cause a vast increase in graffiti disfiguring Seattle.  No longer the pristine, beautiful city on Puget Sound, Seattle is a filthy hell-hole.  And they did it to themselves.

So, what is missing from all these tales of woe in Seattle? Not one business owner or resident even mentions that the Government was the source of all the “pandemic shutdowns”, and that Antifa and Black Lives Matter were the “organizations” causing all the looting and vandalism. This indicates that the residents and business owners cannot speak out about the source of all their troubles, and they have absolutely no idea how to solve their problems. All they can do is complain, with no suggested solutions. The DSA director mentions “public safety”, but not a word about the Seattle City Council de-funding that Public Safety, the Police. No one even thinks about replacing the dysfunctional City Council, who are all Leftist Radicals who hate America. Not a word about Dictator Jay Inslee ruling by decree, causing all the business destruction all over the state. They will be content to wait, and mope, and complain, until they give up and leave the city. Then what?

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