Promises Coming True: Democrats Open the Border. Does not go well.

It is well known that the DemocRats want open borders, especially the southern border with Mexico.  Just this week, we got an excellent demonstration of what they wish to happen to America, and you might not like it.  First of all, here’s some proof.


This week, there was a horrific accident just outside of San Diego, California.  A semi truck towing two trailers of gravel crashed into a Ford Expedition SUV, which was carrying 25 people. Yes, you heard that correctly.  That old SUV was crammed with 25 people, 13 of whom were killed.  Including the smuggler. Here is a picture.


The SUV had come through a purpose-cut hole in the border fence.  Here is a quote from the article:

Two vehicles crammed with illegal immigrants inside had driven through the ten-foot wide hole in the early morning hours of Monday’s midnight shift, sources say, somehow evading a mobile camera system set up nearby. The sources added that the border patrol was not looking for the smugglers until they were notified by the Imperial County Sheriffs Office about the crash, which occurred about 8 miles north of where the fence was cut.

The Biden administration has been successfully telegraphing that they will be welcoming illegal immigrants, from Day One when the new president signed an executive order (since blocked in court) pausing all illegal alien deportations for 100 days.  And now, we have another indication that illegal aliens will be welcomed, and helped, by the new DemocRat administration.

It seems that over 100 Covid-positive illegals have been released into the United States.  So the Dems are putting the health of Americans at risk by releasing known Covid carriers into the country, with no notice.

And South Texas is noticing a big increase in car chases involving illegal immigrants.

More and more new Democrat voters, invading our country at the invitation of the president.  Carrying a known deadly disease for which many states have been locked down for months.  It’s perfectly fine for illegal aliens to run around without any precautions, but if a citizen, taxpayer puts a toe out of line (caught in a retail store with no mask), he faces fines and ejection from the establishment.

We warned you.  More to follow.


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