Teachers (unions) Killing American Children

Yes, I stand by my title above.  In most every big city across America, the Teachers Unions have either slow-walked, or simply refused to return to classrooms for in-person instruction, because…Covid.  The so-called “educators” who are tasked with preparing children for adult life are such lily-livered cowards that they believe, in the face of masses of contrary evidence, that stepping into a room with 15 children is a huge threat to their own lives.  They have been extremely vocal about being so afraid of their own students that “distance learning” is an absolute requirement to keep themselves safe.

Teachers rally to protest school re-opening.  In Seattle this week, Teachers vote no-confidence in superintendent, vote to remain remote.  These teachers do NOT want to teach!

Here is some evidence that the Teachers Unions reject:

No evidence of secondary transmission of Covid-19 from students to teachers.

Children are not Covid-19 super-spreaders.  Time to go back to classrooms.

CDC Director says no evidence that children drive the spread of Covid.

The Truth about kids, school, and Covid-19.

School children don’t spread coronavirus-French study.

On the other hand, there is ample evidence that sitting in front of a computer screen for school has many adverse effects on the children of America.  Every day seems to bring more stories of mental illness, suicide, self-harm, and anxiety in children who have not seen their teachers and their friends for over a year.  Children need social, in-person contact to develop properly, and the parents and kids of America are crying out to go back to school!

Impact of coronavirus lockdowns on children’s mental health.

Lockdowns, masks destroying kids’ mental health.

Increased suicide and other risk for children kept from school.

Covid-19 lockdowns lead to rising suicide among teens.  Parents all over America, and their children, are taking to the streets to communicate their frustration at the Teachers Unions who are preventing their children from learning, and growing their capabilities.  An entire generation of students will lose a valuable year of instruction, which will reduce their earning capacity for the rest of their lives, and their parents are strenuously objecting.

parents demonstrate school

Parents in Georgia protest, want to return to school.

Plainfield parents, students rally for return to classrooms.

Oregon parents rally to get kids back into school.

Tennessee parents rally to get kids back to in-person school.

On the other hand, here is what you see from the Teachers:

teachers think of themselves

Notice all the MYs?  My students, My family, My health (which is not threatened), and My life.  To the teachers, THEY are more important than the vulnerable children they are supposed to love teaching.  Well, this Covid crisis has totally brought to the front burner what Teachers Unions really want.  Their Money, Their lives.  All over the country, charter schools, parochial schools, and schools in right-to-work states are open, with their children back in classrooms.  Schools in some foreign countries never shut down at all, and their children are widening the learning gap with American children.

The Teachers Unions are possibly the most powerful interest group in America.  This is due to the millions of dollars in campaign donations they dole out to Solely DemocRat Politicians every year.  School officials in big blue cities dare not anger the Teachers Unions, for fear that they might not receive their allotment of campaign donations.  So this malignant relationship is ruining the lives of countless children all over America, especially children from low-income households who lack the resources for distance learning, and are stuck in the failing big-city public schools.  Those teachers have no care whatsoever for those students-they only care about their own, pitiful lives.  This it thoroughly disgusting, and criminal.  The Teachers and the Public School authorities are ganging up on America’s children!

My suggestion for the parents who want to get their kids back into school is to make use of the powerful Plaintiffs Bar in their cities.  There is a group of high-powered lawyers who specialize in class-action lawsuits.  Why don’t those parents get a group together, and implore one of those big law forms to take their case, and sue the Teachers Unions for ruining the lives of their children?  This would be a high-profile lawsuit, and my guess is that the parents could get a lot of nationwide publicity and support for such a lawsuit.  The parents certainly have standing to sue!

15 thoughts on “Teachers (unions) Killing American Children

  1. Teachers’ unions take money from taxpayers and give it to the Democrat Party that ensures America’s children are not educated but indoctrinated to hate their country and support the global movement to end capitalism and freedom. It is a perpetual self-licking ice cream cone hell-bent on the destruction of the greatest nation in the history of the universe. (That would be America for listeners in Rio Linda.)

    If Americans were not so foxtrotting lazy and stupid they would pull their precious bundles of joy out of this death spiral and break the back of the Teachers Unions from sea to shining sea.

    I wrote an OP on R> before being banned for life the first time explaining why conservatives should homeschool. Mainly crickets were heard but the few commenters explained why they needed two incomes and had no time to teach their own children. No one other than me seems to have noticed that if in fact two incomes are now required, it is only to pay the ever-increasing tax bite taken out of their incomes to pay the nearly 1/2 million USD salaries of our top public servants such as Dr. Fauci the saviour of man & womankind.

    America is too stupid to live. Change my mind.

      1. That is great news. Do any of them also believe in allowing conservatives who(m) get on the wrong side of the so-called moderators a chance to defend themselves on that platform?

      2. There is a lot of back and forth with mods these days and many members have left. The issue of election fraud has caused a lot of heartburn. I am staying.

      3. It was on the verge of becoming a great forum but the High School hall monitor types took charge and ruined it for everyone (except you) with an original thought who wrote well.

        Frankly, it is now quite boring. You go L!

  2. I will admit R>’s grammar NAZIs, while rarely adding anything of value, do love to correct the grammar and judge we few and proud voices actually putting forth original thought and commentary.

  3. P.S. Where will those demeritorious and discreditable moderators go next to get their jollies off after they are finished with the destruction of R>?

      1. One of whom has tried at least three times to join my blog. I do believe “Legion” is now following me under an assumed identity. S.A.D. sad and sadistic.

      2. I believe this to be a rumor. I know from my own experiences that the moderators will insinuate misbehavior and outright lie about events then ban the member who then has no means to defend himself or explain his understanding of events.

        Please do not believe everything the moderators are telling you.

        Mad Max recommended I write a post concerning the events that led to my first banishment for life, when I did so, my OP was deleted and I was suspended for the first time. That then somehow became the second strike against me. The circumstances surrounding my 3rd strike were like being bound, beaten, tarred and feathered then banned for life for the 2d time and perhaps final time for merely telling the truth.

        The lies and hypocrisy that have framed myself and Liz live on forever. The minute I started to tell my version of events, I was banned. That, my friend, is how they roll.

      3. P.S. RBabe, simply interacting with me is enough to get you ‘suspended indefinitely’ (whatever that means) from R>. The long reach of L1’s moderators is frightening. I am actually afraid to comment on your blog for fear of bringing the wrath of hell down on you too.

        Peace be with you and yours.

  4. smsgtret

    Just this week I saw a video of Biden doing a photo op in a middle school classroom. Sure enough, at his elbow, was the corpulent form of Randi Weingarten, who has done more to destroy the public school system in this country than just about anyone else.

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