Once again, RushBabe49 is proved right. No niche on Earth is sterile.

I have always said that, on our Planet Earth:

Anywhere there Can be Life, there IS Life.  And again I have been proven correct.  It seems that a group of researchers in Antarctica have drilled a bore-hole a half-mile through an ice shelf, and found life at the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean, where no sunlight filters down.  On the bottom of the coldest place on Earth, animals dwell.  The article in The Epoch Times is quite interesting.  Give it a read Here.

I’ve been to a lot of places on the planet, and I read a good deal of literature.  I know that the hottest hot springs in Yellowstone National Park are teeming with heat-loving algae and other organisms.  I know that microbes have been found in the driest, hottest deserts, and in hot volcanic vents at the bottom of oceans all over the world.  Nature does not leave any niche on Earth devoid of Life.  Scientists are discovering new and interesting species of Life wherever they look.  It is also well-known that species regularly go extinct, and it is not the fault of Humans that this happens.  Nature is more powerful than we are.

So, walk out your door today, and look around you.  Everywhere you look, there is Life.  Everywhere.  Aren’t we fortunate to live on a planet that is teeming with life?  Rejoice!

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