Seattle and Seuss: Protecting the legacy

It’s been all over the news lately that some Dr. Seuss books, beloved by children and parents for decades, will be cancelled, by the Foundation that protects the author’s legacy!  This is ostensibly because they “display racist imagery”.  The Cancel Culture, which judges creations from the past by today’s often-racist standards, is sweeping through Society, aided and abetted by the Leftist Press, popular culture, and academia.

So I was surprised to hear that the Seattle Public Libraries, in a thoroughly unlikely step, have said that they will be keeping all the cancelled books in regular circulation!  Knowing that Seattle is about as far-left as any blue city in the bluest of blue states, both I and Jason Rantz of KTTH Radio find this to be exceptional and quite unexpected.  The Seattle Librarians have said that they will protect the “banned” books, perhaps from “offended” Seattleites who have been known to engage in wanton destruction of things they don’t like.  For a change Librarians Protect Books, instead of yielding to the Mob.  Kudos to Seattle Librarians!

3 thoughts on “Seattle and Seuss: Protecting the legacy

  1. Well done, Seattle! Hope they stick to their guns. I have to say, when I reflect on the canon of books I enjoyed as a very young child, that I don’t think many of them would pass muster these days. I don’t believe, for my own part, that I was irremediably warped by any of them; in fact, I suspect the reverse is true. And I think it’s very sad that so many modern youth will be denied the opportunity to read and learn from the object lessons–whether uplifting or grim–lessons of the past.

  2. D’Nanda Panda

    Hooray! My niece, who’s an elementary and junior high librarian, was devastated to see the earlier reports; she’ll be delighted by the surprising response….Thanks, RB!

  3. accordion2ray

    There was a long running rag in Seattle called The Stranger with a regular comic entitled “The Uptight Seattlite.” I’m seeing more and more examples of this the longer I live here.

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