Just a quick thought for the end of a week.

Are you one of the American people who, because the Health Nazis in your government have convinced you that the Wuhan Coronavirus means Death around every corner, has a fear of strangers?  Are you reluctant to go out into your world without your face behind a mask, because if you don’t you will get infected?  If you see someone in a store, or on the street, or in a building, without a mask on, do you feel afraid and step back?

If you are one of those unfortunate people who now has an excessive fear of strangers, please try to look at the situation this way.  How else do you meet new people, or make new friends, if not making contact with strangers?  How can you be a member of Society, without speaking with strangers?  Even the clerk behind the counter at your favorite store is essentially a stranger.  Doesn’t it make you feel a little uncomfortable to have to smile behind a mask?  Just think of all those (not really dangerous) strangers in your world as potential new friends.  And you can’t make a new friend without seeing their face.  Behind a mask, those “strangers” are just strange.  And, maybe, so are you.  So try thinking of those strangers as just like you.  Potential friends.

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