In case you needed proof that Nature is more powerful than we are…

Take a look at what happened last night in Iceland.  A volcano that had been dormant for about 6,000 years erupted, lighting up the night sky near the Iceland Capital of Reykjavik.


Isn’t this beautiful?  It demonstrates the raw power of Nature.  Maybe it thought that the humans were just getting too complacent, blaming the “climate change” that has been happening since Earth was formed, on themselves.  Nature said, “Beg to differ”.  Here’s what it look like during the day.  Fortunately, the volcano is far enough from human habitation that no one was in the line of fire (literally!).


Look closely at the lava field, and you can see the lava field of an older eruption right beneath the new one.  According to a news story, a cloud of ash and gas was pumped into the air above the volcano (pollution, to us), and it affected airline flights in the vicinity.  The last time an Icelandic volcano erupted, flights were interrupted for months.  Well, this can be expected, because the country itself is build on dormant volcanoes, and people who live there are completely aware that the ground under their feet is pretty close to the mouth of Nature.  Just like Hawaii.

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