Do you live in San Francisco? Did you vote for the new DA?

The new DA for San Francisco is a guy named Chesa Boudin.  Mr. Boudin happens to be the son of a pair of Terrorists, David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin.  His parents participated in an armed robbery of a Brinks truck in 1981, which led to the murders of two Nyack, NY policemen and a Brinks guard.  One of the policemen murdered, Waverly Brown, was the first Black policeman hired by the town of Nyack.  Think about that.  White terrorists kill Black policeman.

Both Boudin’s parents went to prison for their heinous crime.  His father is still in prison today.  His mother got out, and has been amply rewarded for her behavior.  She is an adjunct professor of Social Work at Columbia University’s school of Social Work (socialism work?), and recently named scholar-in-residence at NYU Law School.

The man who was elected District Attorney in San Francisco was raised by fellow-terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who were Barack Hussein Obama’s mentors in Chicago.  His policies now seem to be pro-criminal, anti-incarceration, and as anti-social as his criminal parents were.  This kid was nourished by the mother’s milk of terrorism and communism, and that is what he seems to be promoting in SF.  I normally am in favor of voters getting the policies for which they vote, and SF is getting it, good and hard.  However, I noticed that there is some buyer’s remorse going on, indicated by a “Recall Boudin” petition going around.  I guess we’ll see how remorseful the citizens of San Francisco really are.

I don’t deal with Twitter at all, but a Ricochet friend posted a tweet about poor Chesa Boudin.  It showed the mugshot of his mother, with this description:

Few prosecutors have been as directly touched by incarceration as San Francisco’s new DA, Chesa Boudin.  When he was a toddler, his far-left activist parents were imprisoned for their part in a fatal heist.  His mother served 22 years.  His father’s still in.

Notice those two phrases, “touched by incarceration”!  Touched?  by Incarceration?  This is ridiculous!  His parents were cold-blooded murderers.  Fatal heist?  No mention of the three people murdered.  The account that tweeted this was the account of Sixty Minutes, that CBS show that has been around for decades.  They should be ashamed.

One thought on “Do you live in San Francisco? Did you vote for the new DA?

  1. D’Nanda Panda

    As much as I dislike Chris Wallace’s work, his dad, Mike, struck equal-opportunity fright into wrongdoers of all stripes on “60 Minutes”. How far the program has fallen!

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