Therapeutic foster parents evicted in Renton, Washington

To make their rented home available to house Illegal Migrant Children.  Now, there is an eviction moratorium for people “affected by the Wuhan Coronavirus”.  No mention in the NR article of that moratorium applying to this Hispanic couple who have raised many foster children with special needs.  And despite the fact that up to 10% of those Illegal Migrant Children test positive for said Wuhan Coronavirus.

The house is owned by the Friends of Youth, a nonprofit in the Seattle area that serves young people.  This eviction is wrong in so many ways, including the fact that the family has already had one of its foster kids run away from home due to the eviction notice that was received in January.  The kids the couple are fostering already have many strikes against them, and this will make things much worse.  The real estate market in the Seattle area is very hot, with prices and rents skyrocketing, so the parents will have a very hard time finding new lodging that will be suitable for their family.

The Biden administration is presiding over the most destructive policies of any US president.  Ever.  His open-borders policy is destructive of the fabric of America, and is knowingly inviting into our country people who are poor, unskilled, and possibly infected with the deadly Wuhan Coronavirus.  So, instead of “saving lives” like they always boast of, their policy is costing lives, not only of the Illegal Migrants, but of American Citizens who are already suffering from government lockdowns, closed schools, and mandates.  The Left is Evil.

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