These used to be some BIG trees!

Last night, Hubby and I went out to dinner at one of our favorite place.  When we got there, we discovered that there would be a 40-minute wait.  So we took a walk around the parking lot, where we discovered a road behind the restaurant that we hadn’t known existed.  We found a creek running through the property, and stopped to take a look and a listen.  I have always said that the sound of running water is Nature’s original music, and this little creek did not disappoint.


I loved the bright, green moss on that big log (which might have been part of one of the stumps at one time).  That is a real sign of Spring.  Life growing on a dead thing is pretty remarkable.  Nature doesn’t waste a niche.


A little farther on, we came to the stump of a very large tree.  I wondered if this was “old growth” or not.  The entire Pacific Northwest was heavily forested when the first settlers arrived, and there are remnants all over.  I had Hubby stand by it for scale.


We walked a bit farther and found another giant stump.


Also growing around there, you can see the bush with the red flowers.  Here it is closer up.  Might any of my readers know what they are?


Happy Spring from the Pacific Northwest!

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