Some of the people in Seattle seem to be waking up to the homeless problem-Updated

They are starting to see that the huge problem of homeless camps in every Seattle park is not really the homeless themselves, but the City Government which they elected. The public schools in Seattle have been mostly closed for over a year now, due to the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic, and the Teachers Union refusing to return to in-person classes.  In North Seattle, a homeless camp has been directly behind a K-8 Public School, and the neighbors of the school and camp are upset and frustrated.  Their calls to the City have not been answered, and the homeless camp is growing, showing no signs of being cleared out before the students return to the building this week.

Just today, the referenced article above points out that the City government has blamed the School District for not taking care of the homeless camp.  A statement by the Mayor, Jenny Durkan is quite revealing.

“The City shares the community’s concerns regarding the encampment at Broadview-Thomson, and has been open to working with Seattle Public Schools to help address encampments adjacent to SPS property and facilitate a safe return to the classroom for Seattle students.

However, the decision of whether to address an encampment on school property is up to Seattle Public Schools. Recently, the Seattle School Board President issued a statement decrying City outreach strategies that may eventually lead to a removal and demanding that removals should “never be performed on school grounds, adjacent, or elsewhere in the City.”

It seems to me that both entities are responsible for the trashing of their city, and neither entity cares a whit for the citizens living the neighborhood, who have been subjected to assaults by homeless people, people literally dying the street, and used needles strewn around their children’s playgrounds.  I feel sorry for Seattle residents, only up to a point.  These are the people they elected.  

On Friday, a new article appeared.  The City and the School Board are pointing fingers, and the kids are due back in school on Monday.  This is rich, because the students involved are Special Education.  How will it look to parents, bringing their kids to a school surrounded by homeless “campers” who are mentally ill and drug users?  If you read the article, you will see that, for at least one group, the homeless are more important than the children.  Welcome to the New Seattle.

2 thoughts on “Some of the people in Seattle seem to be waking up to the homeless problem-Updated

  1. Flicker

    I feel sorry for the people who didn’t vote for these particular government representatives, but I have a another question: What lifestyle do they lead, or where do the people live who did vote for them? I see that people might sincerely feel that the homeless have no other place to go, but I can only believe that they live in areas that won’t (or believe they won’t) be affected by aggressive pan-handling, crime, disease and other dangers such as stray needles. Don’t they see it?

    Or if they get a bucket of poop dumped on them, will they feel that they have sacrificed for a good cause? Or will they believe that they even deserve it due to their life of privilege? What fosters in them the willingness to have civilization come to a complete stop simply because half a percent can’t have it?

    Or is it something deeper? Is this once the dysfunctional psychological Drama Triangle, in which the homeless are the Victims, western society is the Persecutor, and they are the Rescuers?

    In other words: What – are they crazy?

    1. Good questions all. I wish I knew. The only people who run for office in Seattle are leftist or radical. There is one outspoken socialist on the city council and she is behind the homeless and in favor of kneecapping Amazon. No one not a leftist has a chance in Seattle. The city has a large and growing population of wealthy techies who are all leftists.

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