Trying a new dish

The last time Hubby and I made a trip to our favorite Asian grocery store, Uwajimaya, we saw an item on the shelf that we had not noticed before, and decided to try it.  The item is a somewhat “instant” noodle mix that makes a Singapore Curry.  We tried it, and it was just wonderful!  It makes enough for two people, and the package comes with noodles, and two kinds of seasoning.  You add whatever protein you want, and it makes an excellent quick meal for two.  The first time, I cooked one of the big pork chops I always keep in our freezer (I buy them in a big package at Costco, and wrap them individually and freeze) to add to the noodles.  Tonight, we just used some of a left over pork tenderloin.  Both additions were tasty, and we also added a chopped green onion tonight.  We think we will try adding a bit of mushroom next time.

I got around to thoroughly reading the package tonight, and it says that the noodles are made in Singapore!  Wow, a real international meal.  This is going to be a great addition to our rotation, and it’s pretty quick to make at the last minute.  What’s for dinner?  Singapore Curry!  Yummmmm!!

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