A is A. The Reality cannot be denied, no matter how much you try

Author and philosopher Ayn Rand first said the above aphorism, A is A.  Her meaning is that a Thing is a Thing, in reality, and easily observable.

The Reality in question today is: There are Two Sexes.  Male and Female.  Nature’s God designed Humans this way, in order that they could combine and perpetuate the Human Species.  Every Human Being alive is the combination of a Male human germ cell (a sperm cell) and a Female human germ cell (an egg).  This is Reality, whether that human being was conceived in the natural way (inside the Female’s body), or the newer way (in a petri dish).

There is a growing segment of society today that is attempting to convince us that A can become B, and B can become A.  They are trying to convince Society that a Male person, by altering his physical and chemical structure with surgery and hormones, can become a Female person.  (and vice-versa).  This is False.  Nothing that you do to the structure of a Human Being can irreversibly change its Sex from Male to Female.  Changes to the outer and inner structure of a human’s body can in no way affect the Chromosomal makeup that determines a person’s Sex.  Males have an X and a Y chromosome.  Females have two X chromosomes.  The Sex of a human being is determined at Conception, and not “assigned at birth”.  This is Reality.

There is a mental illness called “Gender Dysphoria” that has become very popular in the last few years.  This is a Mental Illness, but there is a certain segment of modern society which insists that a mental illness can be treated with surgery and hormones.  This is False.  This misguided segment of modern society has declared that there is such a thing as “gender fluidity”, and that some people are neither Male nor Female, and may decide for themselves what “gender” they are, regardless of their chromosomal makeup.  They like to say that they are “males trapped in a female body”, or “females trapped in a male body”.  The people who espouse this theory, demand that the entire society agree with them, and call so-called “transgender” people by their new pronouns.  And let so-called “transgender” females (actual males with male characteristics) compete on Women’s sports teams; and let parents of so-called “transgender” Children put them through the “gender transition” process while they are still Children.

Sorry, but A is A.  A Male person remains Male forever.  A Female person remains Female forever.  The sooner the rest of society wakes up to Reality, and gets the “transgendered” help for their Mental Illness, the better.  The rest of Society needs to stop feeding the trans-gender Delusion, and insist on Reality.

2 thoughts on “A is A. The Reality cannot be denied, no matter how much you try

  1. kayofmt

    I’ve been fighting over this issue with my sister for the past 40 or 50 years. Once someone gets it into their heads that a fetus is non human, it is easy to carry it forward to children, and they will be the ones to suffer for the parents’ insanity.

  2. accordion2ray

    If a person’s sex can be incorrectly assigned at birth, then can equally well be incorrectly assigned at death. People have too much vanity about this. They are affronted by the idea of having been created by some paternal all powerful being. They would rather live their life having a tantrum rather than try to reach out to that entity to understand why He did that.

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