Over the mountains and through the snow…

To Leavenworth, Washington’s Bavarian Village we go!  Last Sunday, which was bright and sunny, on a whim we got into our car and drove over the Cascade Mountains in US Highway 2, to our favorite “day trip” destination.  Hubby’s Accordion Celebration, normally held on the third weekend in June will be virtual again this year, due to our state’s draconian Covid restrictions (in place now for over a year), and we will not be going at that time.  But we wanted to support the small businesses in Leavenworth who are suffering from the inability to hold all their yearly Festivals (in normal years, something is going on nearly every weekend).  And we looked forward to having dinner at our favorite restaurant, Visconti’s.

There was not much traffic when we started out fairly late in the afternoon, so we made good time.  When we got to the foothills, we noted that there was still ample snow on the ground, though the highway was bare and dry all the way.


That snow wall on the right is about 6 feet high.


Here’s a closer-up look at the wall.  All that snow in the mountains means we here on the west side will have ample water this summer.


Just wait for the view on the other side of this curve.


First, a closer-up view of the rock wall on the south side of the highway.  And the state has to put up those totally unnecessary signs that say “Rocks”.  As if we couldn’t see them!


We’re almost to the top of Stevens Pass, which is over 4,000 feet.  And at the top of the pass:


You find the Stevens Pass Ski Area.  There were people skiing that afternoon, in the bright sunshine.  The big chairlift at the area operates all summer, too, so people can go up with their mountain bikes and ride down.  And just on the other side of the pass:


You can see all the avalanche tracks on the mountain opposite.  The wall of snow is also pretty high.  But once you get over the pass, you are officially in Eastern Washington.


The mountains on the other side of the pass still have significant snowpack, indicating the folks on the East side will have good water this year, too.


In about 12 miles, you enter Tumwater Canyon, by the Wenatchee River.  It flows down to Leavenworth, and eventually empties into the Columbia River in Wenatchee.  Being April, the river was high, with spring runoff.  The sound was amazing.  You can also see the fire damaged trees on the opposite bank of the river.  This area sees forest fires most years.  But Nature does her job and trees grow back.


That’s the river looking East toward Leavenworth.

Speaking of Leavenworth, here’s the view on Upper Main Street, looking East.


The big building on the left is a restaurant and hotel.  The white building on the right is the Grange Hall, where workshops are held at the Accordion Celebration.


That’s my Hubby, in front of one of my favorite buildings in town.  Note all the Bavarian details.

We just love Leavenworth!

5 thoughts on “Over the mountains and through the snow…

  1. eherring726

    The Air Force sent us to Germany for a three-year tour, but we stayed for five thanks to two one-year extensions we were allowed. “Bavaria” was a special treat. We bought jigsaw puzzles of places we had visited. It is fun to do them and think of happy days touring Europe. That photo looks like Bavaria. Do they do Volksmarches in Washington?

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