Guest Blogger: Ricochet friend’s letter to his child’s private school on Critical Race Theory

Just lately, we have seen numerous examples of private schools who have fallen (yes Fallen) for the evil, ugly divisive race-baiters, and begun teaching “Critical Race Theory”.  This is a curriculum based on the idea that all white people are racist, and the schools and institutions everywhere in America are “systemically racist”.  In order to root out the systemic racism in America, the idea is to denigrate all white people, and make them admit that they have been oppressing all the racial minorities since the beginning of America.  This disgusting curriculum has taken hold all over America.  My Ricochet friend recently sent a letter to the head of his child’s private school, and I have agreed to print it here, so everyone can see what is going on.  If you have children in a private school, or a public school, I believe it is your duty and responsibility to fight this horrible, divisive teaching wherever you find it.

We are Gilman parents for three students so far, including two graduates of the high school. Never have we seen the institution engage in such blatant and shameless bullying of students as we are seeing now: our son must toe the line, or be subject to comprehensive intimidation for not having the “right” opinions. I had never understood that we were supposed to emulate the McCarthy era. Live and learn.

I am sure you have seen the letter by a Brearley parent. If you have not, I urge you to read it here. It reflects the views of this family. And “Gilman” is an obvious fit for “Brearley” in this case. Indeed, we wholeheartedly endorse and agree with the letter by other Gilman and Bryn Mawr parents that has also been circulated. The Gilman Five are undermined by the very concept that we should be defined by our skin color instead of the content of our character.

Speaking for ourselves and our own current Gilman student: Why do we have to be subjected to letters and speeches about the death of a violent felon who had triple the lethal dose of fentanyl in his system, but nothing at all about the perils to our society of jury intimidation or mob justice? Similarly our son has to spend weeks on LGBTQ issues, truly the flavor of the day. Oedipus Rex was discarded for this? Seriously?

We find ourselves on the horns of a dilemma. On the one hand, we find the constant stream of political dross that our son reports from Gilman repulsive and deeply discouraging for the future of our society. On the other hand, because our son is afraid to share his beliefs, or even float new ideas at Gilman, he is communicating more with his parents. There is a silver lining!

We just thought you should know that the current climate at Gilman is making at least one student deeply uncomfortable, and certain that if he so much as expresses an opinion he will suffer enduring consequences, consequences that have no place in a school which supposedly stands for free inquiry and against bullying of all kinds.

Please teach our son. Float above the politics.

5 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Ricochet friend’s letter to his child’s private school on Critical Race Theory

  1. D’Nanda Panda

    Bravi, to these parents, their student, and others like them! This makes a mockery of MLK, JFK, RFK, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, and those who fought and died with them and for those ideals. This is Mao, not Marx, or McCarthy. We need to stand-up an online, countrywide access network to untainted, time-tested learning at every level, administered school district by school district. This will keep things going until the marquee Maoists dismantle the rest of it – and we can start from scratch.

    If corporate America and the academic-industrial complex feel so guilty about “privilege”, give wealth and status away, and go live in the Fourth World. Enough with the virtue signaling and virtue shaming, already. How long would the author of “White Fragility” last out there, hmmm?

  2. It is wonderful that your friend pushed back against the latest tide of madness but the middle can not hold because America is too stupid to live.

    On a happier note, anybody remember when R> used to be fun?

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