Washington State Parents-Time to pull your kids out of Public Schools!

If you wish your children to be educated, and not indoctrinated with evil bullying, you should be pulling them out of Washington State public schools.  Dictator Jay Inslee has just signed a bill, passed by the Majority-DemocRat legislature, mandating Critical Race Theory Training for all public school teachers.  The so-called “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” training is masking the real CRT training.  For those of you who are not familiar with CRT, it involves dividing the children by the color of their skin, and shaming and denigrating white children for the Sin of Whiteness.

Now, you are perfectly aware that no child can change the color of his or her skin-it is a characteristic of their genetic makeup, and immutable.  In this CRT bullying, white children are held up as sinners, oppressors of “minority groups”, and responsible for all the ills of the black community.  White children, who still constitute the majority of children in the state, are to be shamed, blamed, slimed, and made to feel bad for the crimes supposedly committed in the past against BIPOC groups (black, indigenous people of color).  No thinking, caring parent should want their children to go through that bullying treatment in school.

Therefore, I urge all Washington State parents, of whatever race, to pull your kids out of the failing public school system, and send them to a private, or religious school if possible.  Parents might also wish to get together with other parents to hold their elected school boards, and their so-called representatives in the Washington State Legislature, responsible for this government-mandated mistreatment of their children.  Parents, do not sit still for this!  It is your responsibility to ensure that your children are adequately prepared to be productive members of society-this new CRT indoctrination will be certain to make your children into whimpering, simpering ninnies, who hate themselves for the color of their skin.

If you remember the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s statement, in 1968, that he had a Dream of the day when his children would be judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, you will fight this intimidation with all you have, to protect your children.  Please do this-your children’s futures are at stake.

2 thoughts on “Washington State Parents-Time to pull your kids out of Public Schools!

  1. Expect an attack on homeschooling to follow; there were rumbles when folks pulled their kids out after “boys can shower in the girls’ locker if they Identify that way” thing.

  2. accordion2ray

    This might be an attempt — hopefully a failing one — to reinvigorate old fashioned race hatred in the face of blacks and hispanics crossing over from Dems to Republicans so as to bring them back into the fold. If so, it might actually be a hopeful sign that the Dems are losing control over their presumed constituencies, and after years living in the aftermath of civil rights legislation, our society is a lot more integrated than the Dems really want. I think they prefer to keep the good people of America — black, white, hispanic and asian — apart from one another so they can live in eternal suspicion and hatred of the other.

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