Your tax dollars at work: how the Left sees the world, and what they do to improve things

We all know that the Federal government has been spending your money like there’s no tomorrow, lining the pockets of their favored groups, and “helping” the citizens who have been, what they call “impacted” (read: Ruined) by their actions to attack the Wuhan Coronavirus over the past year.  One of the huge spending bills was called the “American Rescue Plan”, and included billions of dollars of spending, much of which had nothing to do with pandemic amelioration.  The City of Seattle has just announced their “Seattle Rescue Plan” to “aid in coronavirus recovery” by spending their share of the billions.  I am going to copy the entire “plan” from a KOMO article, and comment on each of the spending items that Seattle laid out today.  The radical Leftists who run Seattle just can’t help themselves.  See if you, like me, are appalled at some of the ways the city will be spending US taxpayer money. My comments will be in blue below.  Here goes:

The plan includes $116 million from the Federal American Rescue Plan and $12.2 million from the HOME Investment Partnerships Program funds.

In the proposed $128 million Seattle Rescue Plan, the biggest portion, $49 million, would go to housing the homeless including apartments, hotels and tiny homes.  Housing the homeless?  NOTHING whatever to do with pandemic amelioration, but one of Seattle’s big priorities.

There’s $23 million for small businesses and $41.5 million for what’s called community well being. The majority of that, $25 million, is direct cash payments to people hardest hit by the pandemic.  Yep, $49M for homeless, only 23M for all the small businesses ruined by pandemic closures mandated by the Dictator in Olympia.

But who’s eligible is still a work in progress, say the mayor and council’s finance committee chair who collaborated on the plan.  It will be interesting to see how the Leftists determine who is eligible.  My guess is that small businesses destroyed by the pandemic response, and run by straight white males, will be at the end of the line, and may get nothing after all the victim groups get their money.

The remaining money would go to community needs and restart city programs. As for how the money is delivered, there are no specifics.

“Our communities and neighborhoods know best how they can recover and what they need so we are looking at a process to get the money into the hands into community, businesses and people as quickly as we can,” Durkan said.

The federal government is requiring city and county governments to spend their portions on “Immediate and direct relief to families and workers impacted by the covid-19 crisis through no fault of their own”.  How does housing the homeless fit here?  They benefited, by not being chased out of the city parks they have occupied.

So, when can people expect to see the money? Again, no specifics.

“Oh it will be this year, before I leave,” Durkan said.

The mayor is out of office at years end.

Here is a breakdown of how some of the aid will be distributed according to the plan:

  • $23 million for small businesses, neighborhood and downtown recovery  No mention of how the money will be allocated.
  • $1 million for job training.  Job training??!!  NO relation to pandemic relief!  And that one million won’t go very far either.  Guess?  Not one person will get trained for a new job, but a couple of city employees will be hired to oversee the program.
  • $35.1 million for community assistance for trauma-informed response  Just what the Hell does “trauma-informed response” even mean?  Leftist gibberish!  And that is a huge amount of money-more than goes to small businesses.
  • $1.1 million for reopening city services  There’s always money for More Government.
  • $4.5 million for youth equity and opportunity  First mention of Victim Group!  And note the “Equity”-black youth benefit, white youth continue to suffer.
  • $36.5 million for permanent afford housing  Nothing whatever to do with pandemic relief!  Seattle has had an eviction moratorium for a year, and may make some of it permanent, thereby ruining the small landlords.
  • $12.7 million for emergency housing, shelter and services  More money for the Homeless, who will benefit to the detriment of Seattle taxpayers.
  • $7 million for community assistance and programming including child care services  Social Worker Protection money.  More dollars for government.
  • $7.6 million for upgrading the city’s technology and bringing back workers for city services  Even more money for Government!

If the Sainted Mayor Durkan thinks this money will benefit the citizens of Seattle who have been under basically house-arrest for a year, she has another think coming.  The vast majority of this money, which comes from taxpayers in the other 49 states, will be wasted on more useless government programs, which will employ armies of bureaucrats and social workers.  And landlords will still not be able to collect rent due from their tenants, storefronts will still be boarded up and graffitied, and the city will still be overrun by criminals and violent homeless grifters.

Good luck, Citizens of Seattle.

One thought on “Your tax dollars at work: how the Left sees the world, and what they do to improve things

  1. accordion2ray

    How about money for landlords who have been prevented from evicting renters? That money represents lost income. I can understand landlords offering not to collect rent out of compassion, but to prohibit evictions in an area of the country that is still doing economically well to the point where people move here for work from other states is forced compassion. It’s not compassion if it’s compelled by edict or force of law.

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