A perfect illustration of how ridiculous the Covid mask rules are

On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal published a picture of a high school band playing.  It is a New York City “magnet school”, focussed on music.  It is admirable that the school is named after a famed Cuban salsa singer, Celia Cruz.  However, this picture shows a number of “wrongnesses”, at least in my opinion.


First, the band is playing outdoors.  The musicians are sitting the “required” six feet apart (which prevents the musicians from adequately hearing each other so they can stay together).  The musicians are wearing masks!  If you look closely, you can see that even the instruments are wearing masks, thus muting their tone and making it harder for them and their audience to hear them.  The picture is not wide enough angle to see if there is a conductor, but if there is, the conductor would be far enough away that the musicians might not be able to see him or her.

This is absolutely unnecessary, and all the obstacles those kids have in their way, supposedly to “keep them safe” from a virus that is inactivated by sunlight and dispersed by wind; just make their jobs that much more difficult.  The fact that the band is outdoors should mean that NONE of the other stupid restrictions are needed!

Damn the Health Nazis who are ruining life for our children!

3 thoughts on “A perfect illustration of how ridiculous the Covid mask rules are

  1. Hypatia

    Fauci was right about masks the FIRST time (when he said they’re useless against the virus.) Why did they want us to wear them? I think just as a constant reminder that everything had changed.

  2. elizabeth dunn

    We’re all missing the point here.

    Laura Ingraham posted a video on Fox dated 2017 when Fauci claimed there would be a a devastating pandemic in our future. He not only knew what was going on in Wuhan but directed NIH funds to them.

    For starters… Why would an American fund any lab in China when the U.S. is the pharmaceutical leader of the world? Wonder why your prescriptions are so high? Because our companies spend $40 million and 10-12 years to bring a drug to market while Obama/Fauci send money to our arch enemy.

    As an aside, Canada can kiss my ass with their generics. No investment needed.

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