ReBlog: Jim George’s Letter to his Senator about the harsh treatment of the people held in DC jail from the January 6 “riot”.

I don’t know if my readers are aware of what has happened to the peaceful demonstrators who participated in the January 6 demonstration in Washington, DC.  That’s the so-called riot, that the Speaker of the House, and 100% of the US mainstream media have called an “armed insurrection”.  Those peaceful demonstrators have been held in solitary confinement in the DC jail, without hearing or trial, or bail.  This is inhumane, and my friend Jim George says it very well, reproduced below.


I should note that I have almost totally given up on writing letters to my “representatives” in Congress—or calling them or sending smoke signals or attempting any other form of communication whatsoever with that anointed class of elites—as it never, never, never produces any result but, as with my Congressman, Matt Gaetz, the same form letter, over and over and over again! However, this “strong letter” of a tiny fraction of Congress sent a signal so loud and clear to me as a complete waste of time I decided I would throw away a little of my time, knowing full well it will come to nothing. Here is my letter, for what it’s worth:

Senator Scott, while I applaud your letter, along with Senators Lee, Cruz, Johnson and Tuberville, to AG Garland and while I could not possibly agree more with the position you expressed in that letter, I have to ask, with all due respect, the following question:

Why did it take this long for members of Congress– and only five our of the entire Republican membership of the House and Senate at that- to try to get something done for these poor American citizens who are being treated like they were some Soviet political prisoners because they were INSIDE THEIR, and I emphasize THEIR, public building exercising their right under the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights to peaceably assemble? These people have been subjected to conditions which might come close to shocking the conscience and bordering on the “cruel and unusual punishment” prohibited by the Eighth Amendment as many of them, according to news reports, have been kept in solitary confinement for no apparent reason whatsoever. I read about your letter in a column this morning by Julie Kelly of American Greatness who has been doing the best reporting on the despicable way these AMERICAN CITIZENS -sorry for the all caps but it is abhorrent that citizens are being treated like animals like this– are being persecuted while, as your letter points our, Antifa and BLM “peaceful protestors” are not paying any price whatsoever for conduct a million times worse.

I must also ask, again with all due respect, why are you all wasting your time writing letters to anyone in this God forsaken “administration” when you know they are going to just ignore you and your letter?

Why in the world are you not immediately issuing subpoenas for Garland and his DC attack dog persecutors to appear before a Senate Committee under oath and respond to your questions? Yes, I am aware that the Socialist Party is in the majority but have you and your colleagues made any effort to find any Democrats whose constituents may feel the way you do on this matter? Surely, ALL Democrats have not just totally given up on the Rule of Law; if they have, our Republic truly has little or no future.

Please respond to my specific questions and please do not send me another form letter; I already have plenty of those and would sincerely like to hear from you on what I genuinely believe, based on many decades as a practicing attorney, to be a grave miscarriage of justice.


James A. George

Now, I do not send this kind of letter to my own sleaze bag senators, the Stupid Patty Murray, and the non-entity Maria Cantwell, because I know that it would be immediately round-filed.  My so-called senators despise me and all other conservatives like me, and consider me a “domestic terrorist”.  I would not waste a second of my time in writing to them or calling them.

I thank my Ricochet friend, Jim George, for this, and hope this re-post helps.  Please also subscribe to his Admiral’s Log on Substack.

2 thoughts on “ReBlog: Jim George’s Letter to his Senator about the harsh treatment of the people held in DC jail from the January 6 “riot”.

  1. Thank you so much- so very appreciated. I hope it might generate some productive discussion about where we deplorables can go to at least try to get something done abouot this invasion we are seeing! Thanks again, Jim.

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