Heatwave in Western Washington brings the expected responses

Yes, there is definitely a heatwave here in Western Washington.  Every local news web site has multiple stories about the high temperatures being felt here, where 80 is normal summer.  Here are a couple of screenshots of what I see on my phone right now.

We have been in places where it was this hot, but certainly not for this long.  There are heat warnings constantly being broadcast everywhere, and suggestions abound for how to keep as cool as you can.  Most homes here do not have air-conditioning, since we get so few really hot days.  I hear that the AC contractors are booked solid now, for quite a while.  Over the weekend, the high was in the 90s, and I basically stayed home most of the time.  We are very fortunate that we bought a very large and heavy “portable” air-conditioner, which lives in our second-floor bedroom, since we can stand the heat on the first floor, but can’t sleep if it’s too warm.  Here’s how our little kitty is standing it.


Here is a story which we could have expected from the local environmental wackos.  Weather=Climate for them every time.

Local leaders warn of climate change threat.  And here is how they claim to be able to arrest “climate change”.

In King County, leaders have a comprehensive plan in place to address many of those issues, setting an ambitious goal to cut the region’s greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. That will also see the county updating building codes to make greener homes more affordable, eventually planting three million trees, and focusing on racial justice as it rolls this roadmap out.

These people are so stupid!  They really think that anything they mandate in one county in one state will actually help stop the climate from changing!  Racial justice?  How does that have anything to do with the climate?  Cutting carbon emissions for them involves restriction of economic activity, putting huge restrictions and higher costs on energy producers, destroying productive employment in the energy industry, increasing the cost of living for everyone by banning “fossil fuel” use for home heating (of course, this falls hardest on the poorest folks), and mandating electric vehicles which most citizens cannot afford and do not want.  They are hell-bent on ruining the economy and lives of all citizens to achieve their goal which cannot be achieved short of killing all the people (and even killing off the people won’t change the climate one iota).

Here are some more stories in the local media about the weather this week.

Seattle hits 106, setting record for hottest day.

Three lanes on I-5 in Seattle closed for buckled concrete.

Power cut to thousands of Puget Sound Energy customers during heat wave across Western Washington.  We owe a debt of gratitude to Snohomish County PUD for keeping our power on.

Ferocious heatwave especially hard on outdoor workers, restaurants.

On Friday, I looked at KOMO News web site, and of the ten stories right then, all ten were about the heat. In other news, I went to the grocery store this afternoon, and most customers were still wearing their dehumanizing masks, in the 95-degree weather.

6 thoughts on “Heatwave in Western Washington brings the expected responses

  1. Well, it’s pretty unusual around here. I think it’s an outlier, but we have had some very hot days in the past few years. Normally, it doesn’t get hot until after July 4. I’m reserving judgment for now. I know our AC contractors are happy as clams about all their new business.

    1. There’s several things that cause that– one of them being that water-restrictions have made for fewer trees/plants in some areas, meaning a bigger heat island effect, and there *is* a wave of heat (slowly) going across the country. Hit DC area first, my in laws were NOT amused.

      If it follows the pattern, you should be getting the windy weather in the next week or so, along with relief.

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