Ooh, fun! New Flower of the Day Challenge for July 3, Wet Grass

Thanks loads to my friend, photographer Cee Neuner, for hosting these fun FOTD challenges.  For the Wet Grass challenge, I just had to go out to the back yard and water the plants.  Now, we don’t have a lawn in the back yard, since I decided I’d rather have something that looked more like a Japanese garden.  I have more than one kind of ornamental grass, along with the Japanese Maples.  I don’t remember what they are called, but here they are.

The first one is pretty tall, with wide fronds, and it grows right near my seed bird feeder.  Here it is full size.


Now, here is a closeup.  Note that all these photos were taken with my iPhone XR.


I also have a couple of lower-growing grasses that are a pretty green with white borders.  First, the whole grass.


The blue wooden pagoda sitting on the concrete one used to be on a stick, but the stick rotted out.  I think it looks pretty on top of the concrete one.  Now, closer-up.


Look who showed up while I was taking my pictures!


That’s one of our black-capped chickadees.  We also have chestnut-backed chickadees that come around, but I think the birds suffered as much as we did in the high temperatures this week.

Anyway, thanks, Cee!  This was fun!

Link to Cee’s post.

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