Facebook: Taking Censorship to a new level

My readers will know that I have never used Facebook (or Twitter).  I hope that my readers are also fully aware of the censorship that Facebook actually announces to the public, so no one should be surprised to see them take it to the next level.  Around the 2020 election and after, they announced that they would be removing any content deemed “election misinformation”, taking a very liberal view of what that might be.  Here’s another story on that announcement, just so you can see that many sources covered it.

Everyone should also be aware of the announcements from many corners of the Biden administration, that they would be aggressive in tackling what they deemed to be “violent extremism” and “white supremacy” from conservatives all over America.  They have said right out in public that they consider any person or group who disagrees with the government to be a potential domestic terrorist.

Well, this week Facebook has announced that they will be flagging extremist content on their site, and have already been sending messages to users that they “may have been exposed to” extremist content.  My friend Kira Davis, over at RedState.com, first pointed this out earlier in the week.  Today, at the same place, she tells us about the response from Facebook to the outcry from many conservatives on being targeted.  I would like to urge all my readers and followers to read today’s story.  This behavior on a supposedly-“neutral” platform, is chilling, in the United States of America where our First Freedom is supposedly Freedom Of Speech.  In a very Orwellian action, Facebook is appointing itself the Ministry of Truth, suppressing any speech or opinion that contradicts its own Leftist Narrative.  They are also urging members to rat out their friends-just like the East German Stasi secret police during the Cold War.

Those of you who still use Facebook to connect with family and friends should seriously consider canceling your membership as soon as possible.  Before they appeared on the scene, you were able to maintain contact with your friends, and you should go back to the pre-Facebook days.  If you remain, you leave yourself open to Facebook banning you and reporting you to the government who sees you as a Domestic Terrorist.  Facebook has extensive connections to the evil Biden administration, and they will be perfectly content with seeing their members rounded up as “domestic terrorists”, with no due process or other consideration.  Do you doubt me?  Just take a look at what has been happening to the “peaceful demonstrators” who went to the Capitol on January 6 to make their voices heard.  Many have been held in solitary confinement for months with no contact with friends or helpers.

Readers, please read Kira’s piece, and get out of Facebook Now!  Your life and livelihood are at risk.  People, this is no joke.

4 thoughts on “Facebook: Taking Censorship to a new level

  1. accordion2ray

    I don’t think there should be any surprise this is happening in view of the position the Biden administration essentially putting half of America that votes Republican in with domestic terrorists. They are giving both cues and cover to Facebook to unceremoniously chuck their own users so that FB can save face in case these miscreants are identified as FB users, but by the same token it will cost them advertising revenue to lose wholesale users.
    Now, there is another aspect to this, and that is of giving cues to people on the right but not previously vocal on issues they see of great import so as to just not be vocal, i.e., make people self-censor. This wrongheaded policy will create division between many who aren’t even aware of the politics of many of their friends and otherwise seemingly level-headed people who get caught up in a purge and get deleted. Possibly with no follow-up recourse or opportunity to set things straight with their associates on the left or left leaning.

  2. smsgtret

    I had pretty much the same thoughts in a recent comment in Ricochet. I simply don’t understand why anyone would pay for the priviledge of having their views censored. One individual told me that Facebook was valuable for support groups and the like. I suppose there’s some merit in that but at what price does one decide to give up freedom of speech? I must be getting old. I just don’t see it.

  3. Can’t conservatives on Facebook and Twitter fight back? They should be flagging every single leftist hate post as bullying or harassment, all day every day. They need to be given a taste of their own medicine.

    1. smsgtret

      I believe the arrogance of these people has no bounds. If you look at the smirky faces of Zuckerberg, Dorsey and Pichai, you can see that they’re absolutely drunk with power.
      They’ve totally bought off the entire U.S. government. When the Republicans were in power, they could have jerked a knot in their derrieres but Ryan, McConnell, and even Trump didn’t seem to have the stomach for it.
      Conservatives are being played. It’s a shame that the dark money makes it impossible for a third party to make it in this country.

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