There was a Ricochet Member, nicknamed Boss Mongo.

Oh, this hurts so much, to write the word “was”.  I am sitting here at my desk, with tears leaking from my eyes.  Boss was ex-Special Forces, a family man, living in Florida with “the lovely and talented Mrs. Mongo” and kids, when he was cut down by a massive heart attack.  The hearts of every single member of are broken today.  We are devastated by this totally-unexpected death in our ranks.

Boss Mongo, besides being a wonderful, powerful (in all senses of the word), man, was a really great writer.  His posts about military life, post-military life, self-defense, and even fiction, were eagerly lapped-up by Ricochet members whenever they appeared, and often were promoted to the Main Feed by editors.  In February, when Rush Limbaugh succumbed to his lung cancer, Boss wrote a lovely tribute post, which was seen by an editor at the Limbaugh Letter.  That post was printed in the Limbaugh Letter for all of Rush’s family and listeners/subscribers to read.  Boss was one of the most eloquent of Ricochet members.

Aside from being a great writer, Boss called in to many of the Ricochet audio-meetups (AMU) which are held every Monday night.  I used to be a regular caller, but neglected to call in once I retired.  When I did call in, Boss was effusive in his welcome to me, and I just loved to talk to him.  He had a dry sense of humor, and a ready wit.  We could make fun of each other with impunity.

As far as I know, Boss Mongo had no enemies or detractors on Ricochet.  Everyone who met him in person at a meetup, or talked to him in an AMU just loved him.  He sometimes got angry, but never at any other member.  His tongue could be a slashing sword, but only to leftists or suck-up military members.  His passing has left a great hole in Ricochet, and the site is draped in grief today.

May he rest in eternal peace.  I’m sure he and Rush Limbaugh are trading stories right now.

5 thoughts on “There was a Ricochet Member, nicknamed Boss Mongo.

  1. Amen. The best of the best. And a dear and kind man, often behind the scenes where it garnered him no public credit. I learned a phrase from Boss during a rather difficult time of my own. That phrase is “embrace the suck,” something that Wiktionary defines as “military slang [for accepting or appreciating] something that is extremely unpleasant, but unavoidable.”

    For the sake of Boss, I’m doing my best. And I’m halfway there. I WILL NOT embrace the events of the last 36 hours. However, I’m very clear that they do bloody suck.

    I’m afraid that’s the best I can do.

    Rest in peace, my dear friend.

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