Biden voters, it’s ALL on you. The first elected president of the United States who hates America.

Never, ever, in the 250-year history of the United States of America, have the voters “elected” a president who despises his own country.  Never in all our history have we had a president and his party whose goal is reducing this country as Founded, to ashes.

For many, many years, incompetent grifter Joe Biden has made a hash out of US institutions.  In the past few years, the dementia-ridden (Not) president Biden has allied himself with (or been manipulated by) the radical socialist wing of the DemocRat party, which despises even the Idea of America, the land of the Free, and attempts to destroy it.  Well, those radical ideas are now bearing fruit, and the results are worse than anticipated.

Let’s start with the 2020 presidential campaign, which Biden mostly spent in his basement in Delaware, letting others speak and campaign for him.  We opined that the reason for this is that he could not be trusted to speak for himself, due to his advancing dementia.  So his henchmen like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) spewed constant hate, along with her little squad of anti-Semitic harridans; as well as the censors in Big Tech, preventing most conservatives from accessing the new public square.  The constant drumbeat of hate for President Trump and the America he and we love dominated all the mainstream news media.   They vowed to destroy the President, as well as everything he had done for the country while in office (reflected in the booming economy, low unemployment, and rising wealth of the middle class).  And they vowed to tear down America as founded in Liberty, and rebuild the country in Socialism and permanent dependency.

The Deep State Health Nazis basically shut down America during the Covid pandemic; shoving millions out of their jobs, and putting citizens in mortal fear of a new disease that turned out to have a 99% survival rate (and they are still doing it today).  Small businesses closed in their many thousands, and Americans were forced to depend on government handouts.  Trillions in “pandemic relief” caused the debasement of the US dollar, and roaring inflation.  If you want to ruin a nation, it helps to debase its currency and throw the population into poverty when their money becomes worthless.

From his very first day in “office”, Biden and his handlers (here’s looking at you, Valerie Jarrett and Barack Hussein Obama) set out to completely destroy President Trump’s handiwork, starting with throwing open our southern border to hordes of illegal aliens, many of whom were carriers, or already ill, with the dreaded Wuhan Coronavirus.  Yes, the new president set out to destroy America from Day One, and he is making a pretty good job of it, isn’t he?  Since January, millions of illegal aliens from Mexico, Central America, and around the world, have been welcomed into America, and bused and flown to the US heartland, there to help overwhelm local communities everywhere.  Oh, and they are given money, free services, and medical care too.  Not to mention the well-rewarded human traffickers in Mexico, and the powerful drug cartels who have been able to flood the southern border with illegal drugs and guns.  A country cannot stand if it has no borders.

The new administration and its henchmen in Black Lives Matter have set out to destroy public education, turning little children into oppressors and oppressed, based upon the color of their skin.  Children from kindergarten through 12th grade are now taught that all white people are evil, privileged, and unworthy of respect.  Black kids are taught to hate their white classmates, and shun them.  Classrooms are being re-segregated again, not by the white oppressors, but by the black Marxists.  A nation cannot live long when its children are set against each other.

Also on his first day in “office”, Biden canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, destroying thousands of good American jobs.  Then America-hater Biden approves the Russian gas pipeline in Europe, and begs OPEC to drill more oil, because our gas prices have skyrocketed!  The Biden administration is hellbent on destroying the American energy industry, but he has no problem with Saudi Arabia pumping more oil.  This is pure evil.

And then we have the in-process ruination of the US military, by its own officers and service Secretaries.  In January, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff vowed to root out all the “white supremacists” in our military services, starting a mini reign of terror.  Soldiers now live in fear of saying anything that might make them look like “extremists”, and the services care more about what their soldiers believe, than how they are able to confront an enemy.  The biggest enemy they face is their own “leadership”.  Meanwhile, training and readiness suffer, leaving the formerly-superlative US military short of everything, including fighting spirit.

Finally, US foreign policy; based on the newly-ensconced haters of America, reflects their beliefs.  The so-called president vowed to pull all US forces out of Afghanistan quickly.  Probably not as quickly as what is actually happening, however.  We have all looked on in horror as the Taliban followed closely on the heels of the disgusting, disgraceful rout of the last US forces.  Biden doubles down on failure, but that’s exactly what he wanted.  The people of Afghanistan will not deserve the legacy we left them with, when we abandoned them wholesale.

Joe Biden and his DemocRat Party despise America, and look on as our once-great country retreats in disgrace.  They spend trillions of fake dollars making the once-proud American people dependent on government handouts, and overtly cheat in elections, so they may have absolute power forever.  They deny the American public their God-given freedoms of speech and religion, while teaching our children that America is a bad country, and the source of all the world’s problems.

You voters out there who cast your ballots (or assisted in the fraud in many states)for the dementia-plagued grifter, it is YOU who are responsible for the sorry state of this country today.  It is YOUR jobs which will be taken by low-skilled illegal aliens, and YOUR medical care that will be ruined by all the charity cases which take precedence over you.  It is your retirement accounts which will become worth less, as the dollar declines in value.

Welcome to Biden’s America, DemocRat voters.  And the majority of those Biden voters are white-and will be the victims of the Marxist takeover of public education, big corporations, and academia.  Are you white and work for a corporation like Coca Cola or Exxon Mobil?  Be prepared for re-education, and humiliation at the hands of your co-workers and supervisors.  You voted for it.  You asked for it.

Joe Biden and his America-disparaging party now run every level of this country.  If you live in a big city, and watch your evening news with all the reports of rising crime and disorder, thank Joe Biden.  If you live in a suburb, and see the city government forcing low-income housing on your neighborhood, thank Joe Biden.  If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, and see your posts and channels taken down for “content violation”, thank Joe Biden.  If you have a ranch in South Texas, and are overrun with illegal aliens crossing your property, taking down your fences, disturbing your cattle, and succumbing to the heat and drought in your yard, thank Joe Biden.

And don’t you DARE try to blame President Donald Trump for anything that is happening in America or abroad today.    Joe Biden and his band of merry DemocRats are responsible.

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