Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #161: Feet and Shoes

No way could I miss this little ditty, composed many years ago by one of my favorite cartoonists.


Speaking of tiny feet, we should all remember a line from a Robert Frost poem:

The Fog comes in on little cat feet.


All four little cat feet, visible at once.  That kitty is pretty relaxed, isn’t she?

Right now, I am working a temporary job, at a company which manufactures large aerospace metal components.  To go out to the shop area, everyone is required to wear safety shoes.  On my first day, the safety manager showed me the rack with all the steel-toe shoe covers for visitors.  There is a variety of styles and sizes.


Here’s the pair I have to wear over my big feet, and what they look like while I am wearing them.  Not exactly high fashion, are they?

In the Civil War statue in Washington DC, the horses’ and mens’ feet are front-and-center.


Finally, this would be a pretty big boot to wear.  



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