At The Fair, a bit of rebellion?

The Washington State Fair, or “The Puyallup Fair”, as it is widely known, starts this Friday, September 3, and runs to the end of September.  I just purchased our admission tickets online this afternoon, and they are good for any day.  We are going on Saturday.

Hours after I bought our tickets, I learned from a news story that Pierce County will be requiring all fair attendees to wear masks everywhere in the fairgrounds, indoors and out.  This is the most ridiculous requirement I have ever heard, and I fully intend to defy it.  I refuse to wear their “mask of slavery”.  If needed, I will don the face-diaper to get into the grounds, but I intend to remove it the moment I get inside the gates.

I will be making sure my phone is 100% charged, so I can get lots of pictures of people and rides at the fair.  Watch this space, where you may see crowds of sheeple, all dutifully wearing their mandated masks.  Or, perhaps, not.

Not I, said the Free Person.

2 thoughts on “At The Fair, a bit of rebellion?

  1. Good luck!

    Iowa State Fair, they had to do a lot of close-shots and cropping to get scenes with mostly mask-wearing folks for their “we’re taking it seriously, really” happytalk.

    They may have been, the customers were NOT! (my family among them)

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