Do NOT believe media fear-mongering about Ivermectin for treatment of Wuhan Coronavirus. They are lying to you!

This week, there have been many stories in the so-called “mainstream media” about the use of Ivermectin to treat people suffering from the Wuhan Coronavirus.  The headlines scream “Do not use Ivermectin to treat Covid!!!!”.  Or they scream “Poison Control Centers all across America are getting calls about Ivermectin Overdoses!!!“.  However, if you actually read most of the articles, down around paragraph eight, they get around to mentioning that the Ivermectin on which people are overdosing is the Animal Ivermectin, not the drug designed for human use.  Of course, a medicine designed for horses would be in a much higher dose that that designed for human use.

Since the 1980s, Ivermectin has been used very successfully to treat many diseases caused by worms, including River Blindness, which used to afflict thousands in Africa, and is now curable.  Your veterinarian might prescribe Ivermectin to treat heart worms in your dog, too.  Funny, but the National Institutes of Health actually showed that a course of Ivermectin for known Covid infections, is very effective in reducing symptoms and keeping people out of hospitals!  Gee, I wonder why they aren’t shouting this to the skies?  Instead, they doom many people in America to suffering and possible death, rather than advocate early treatment.  There is a study, here, on the government site, describing the benefits of Ivermectin.  They describe the “emerging data on the efficacy of Ivermectin” to treat Covid.

So, readers, don’t believe any of the garbage being spewed by the media.  Do your own research, and think for yourself.  Ask why the government has been suppressing this information.

One thought on “Do NOT believe media fear-mongering about Ivermectin for treatment of Wuhan Coronavirus. They are lying to you!

  1. It also turned out to be poorly supported; they were able to find a single hospital in the city in Oklahoma that had seen– gasp!– two!!! people in the last month!

    ….this was after they breathlessly reported rural Oklahoma hospitals were turning away gunshot victims because they were so flooded with people being treated for Ivermectin treatment.

    Which, I’ve been told by a lady who uses it on her goats, has the dosage for weight right there on the side.

    So the story just keeps getting dumber and dumber.

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