Happy Cat Day! And Happy Halloween! Twofer!

I understand that it’s both National Cat Day, and the weekend of Halloween.  So I decided to celebrate both holidays with pictures of our Halloween Black Cat, Kikyo.  She is around 12 years old now, which makes her a Senior cat (to go with her Senior Staff, myself and Hubby).  Here are some pictures of her, over the years.  She is the softest, plushest kitty around.

Kikyo, our aristo-cat

This photo, from 2012, has always been one of my favorites.  She saw a bird in the vine maple tree that can be viewed through the clerestory window.  She remained in that pose for many minutes.


Have you ever seen a more undignified pose?  Now that is a relaxed cat!

Warm Cat
Kikyo, keeping me warm while I read

Here she is doing what she always does best, sleeping on Mama in the sunshine.


See the collar?  This picture was taken just after we brought her home in July of 2010.

Kikyo on her tree

When we are in the kitchen, Kikyo likes to hang out with us, often in her low perch.


Then again, when we are eating dinner, she does her “vulture” routine, keeping close watch on the food.

Happy National Cat Day and Happy Halloween to everyone!

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