A windy day on Puget Sound

Last weekend, the Pacific Northwest had some very high winds, which caused power outages and fallen trees across roadways all around Western Washington.  I got in my car and headed down to the ferry dock in Edmonds, to see if I could capture the wind (well, not the wind, but maybe some effects!).  Here’s some of what I found there.

Windy Beach

This is the beach north of the ferry dock.  You can see the waves breaking against the seawall.

Wind-ruffled waves

The surface of the water was being ruffled by the high wind.

Ferry approaching

I was lucky enough to see the ferry coming in.  I’m guessing it was a pretty rough ride that day.

Ferry-Edmonds, WA

There’s the ferry at the dock.  It disgorged its cargo of cars, and I took some video of the unloading.

I was standing on the breakwater just north of the dock.  Its stones looked various shades of gray, reflecting the sky above.


Just before I left, a flock of Canada Geese flew overhead, making their usual racket.  They live here year-round.

Flock of Canada Geese

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