I have not been following the Kyle Rittenhouse trial closely, but I am pleased with the ultimate outcome. Not Guilty on all charges.

Young Mr. Rittenhouse was helping to protect friends in Kenosha, Wisconsin, against BLM and Antifa protestors who were burning and looting businesses last summer, and he was legally armed.  He shot people in the mob, who were threatening him, and we know how those “protestors” destroyed the livelihoods of many innocent people all over the country last year.  Here are some pictures of what he has been going through.

Kyle being attacked

The above photo shows the 17-year-old being viciously attacked.  Here he is in court.

Kyle in court

His trial was a circus, where the prosecution did many things that were irregular, up to and including one of the prosecutors pointing a gun at the jury!  An MSNBC “reporter” tailed the jury bus, in clear violation of rules, leading to the media darling being banned from the courtroom.  Mr. Rittenhouse testified in his own defense.  Here are links to news and opinion stories on the whole affair.

Fox News article on the verdict.

Fox News description of the expected Leftist media reaction.  The media, and the DemocRat party in this country are disgusting.  Rush Limbaugh opined many times that the DemocRats are a subsidiary of the Leftist Media, and not the other way around.  I agree.

Opinion by Jonathan Turley.

The Federalist about how the media slimed Rittenhouse, and the trial.

Brad Slager at RedState, on cameras in courtrooms.

Kyle Rittenhouse IS America, at American Greatness.

Bari Weiss on how the media tried to convict Rittenhouse.

Below are some comments from my well-regarded Ricochet family, in a post from the Main Feed about the verdict.

Whew… Lads… I was deep deep in skepticism– I thought it was taking too long and they were going to get this kid on something. I was really worried.

Not guilty on all counts? That strikes me as exactly the right outcome. We should all be happy that justice was done and the jury saw not only that Kyle was clearly innocent of the charges but that the prosecution’s behavior was, quite frankly, shockingly irresponsible.

Glory Hallelujah and Thanks Be To God for this most just verdict! So many prayers just got answered for this poor, victimized, slandered, defamed, fine young man. Easy enough to say such saccharine phrases as “The system worked”, but no one should have had to be put through this, especially a young boy like this; this is NOT how the system should work, nor was it designed to “work” like this. Prayers answered.

Another good sign that the wheel is turning and Americans are no longer buying or putting up with leftist, BS crap any longer.  I sincerely hope that any violent reactions from the anarchists are speedily halted and punished with the fullest extent of the law. CNN, MSNBC, the NYTs and Joe Biden should all be sued.

The prosecution loses.

CNN loses. As does the rest of the alphabet soup media.

Kyle wins.

America wins.

Justice wins.

Truth wins

Multiple excellent stories over at PJ Media:

By Stephen Kruiser, on the verdict.

By Matt Margolis, on Mr. Rittenhouse’s reaction to the verdict.

By Megan Fox, on possibly perjury by a witness for the prosecution.

So, I have to say I am relieved that the jury in this very important trial came to the correct decision.  I am hoping that Kyle Rittenhouse and his family will sue the daylights out of all the evil media and the Twitter Mob that are still slandering him, and calling for his destruction.  And my prayers are with him, that God grants him a productive and happy life, after all the slime and ugliness to which he has been subjected for over a year.

3 thoughts on “I have not been following the Kyle Rittenhouse trial closely, but I am pleased with the ultimate outcome. Not Guilty on all charges.

  1. Rush Babe, obviously, I share your happiness at this result and, as I said in both my comment you were kind enough to quote above, but also in response to Susan’s wonderful post about prayers, I cannot even begin to comprehend how many millions of prayers were answered as that Clerk read of each of those five verdicts and how we were all holding our breath as each one was read, praying that there would continue to be good news all the way through. My joy tonight is just simply boundless as, although not one minute of this family’s agony should have ever happened, and there should be professional consequences for the prosecutors for bringing these charges in the first place, at least for now we can say the outcome was exactly as it should have been.

    I also wanted to congratulate you on your blog- its presentation, etc., – and to let you know I’m green with envy as to how superbly you have set up your content– maybe if I stick with it long enough, I will be able to get even close to your professional presentation! .

    God Bless America! Jim.

    1. Why, thank you, Jim for the compliment on my blog! It has taken me ten years to achieve this, and I still don’t get much daily activity, even on my photography posts. But I am keeping at it because I love being able to interact with readers all over the world.

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