Terri’s Christmas Song Lyric Photo Challenge

This one is a real challenge!  In spite of being Jewish, I love Christmas songs, and they tend to become earworms quite easily for me, and not just at Christmas time.  I just have to choose one.

One of my very favorites is an old German song, Still, Still, Still.  I think this photo that I took from my street a few years ago, captures it perfectly.  The snow muffles all sound, and the scene is very still.


And here’s a nice rendition of the song, by the Winchester Cathedral Choir.

Here’s the link to Terri’s original post.

13 thoughts on “Terri’s Christmas Song Lyric Photo Challenge

  1. I’m excited you’re back for another round of Sunday Stills! A beautiful image to go with this song. I’ve never heard it (I’ll have to listen on my phone later). Thanks for introducing me to a new song. have a great week!

  2. OK, I saw your post title before reading your choice, and YES! That is my favorite Christmas song as well 🙂 I become familiar with it probably 20 years ago and it remains at the top of my list. I always think of Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am G_d”.

    Still checking your blog, love your writing, hope you get back to TN soon!

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