Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #179: Serene

Amid all the chaos surrounding us this year, it’s always a good idea to find places and things that are serene.  In the comic strip “Rose is Rose”, Rose Gumbo has her “Let Things Be Tree”, where she goes when the family is making her crazy.

Let Things Be-Rose is Rose

I don’t have a particular tree where I go for a bit of serenity, but there are some places I really love.  One is the Seattle Japanese Garden, and this particular spot just whispers “serene” to me.


This leafy glade in the Japanese Garden is also a serene place.

Tranquil bench, Seattle Japanese Garden
Leafy glade with bench, Seattle Japanese Garden

Another of my preferred places for serenity is the Narbeck Wetland, not far from my home.  It’s always quiet, with few other people around when I go there.


My black cat is now classified as a “senior cat” at her age of about 11, so she spends more of her time resting.  Even when she’s resting on my legs, she is serene.

Warm Cat
Kikyo, keeping me warm while I read


My snowy backyard always inspires serenity.


As did this backwater pond with its water-lilies and gentle waves, on an otherwise bustling lake.

Here’s the link to Patti’s Original Post.

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