Welcome to 2022. Looking back.

Here are some great cartoons that showed up in my email late yesterday.  So true, all of them.


This one is especially pertinent.


And I think this one has the be true.  And if it is, they just leave the real world to us to fight for Liberty.


And one little personal story.  You have heard of all the supply-chain issues happening around the world, due to the quicker-than-expected recovery of the US economy after the Health Nazi shutdowns in 2020. They have affected the company I am working at, and there are raw materials sourced in Communist China that are extremely hard to get.  I have an auto-immune disease which is treated with a cheap, generic medication.  This drug is available in two different formulations, immediate-release and extended-release.  My medication has been on “shortage” for over a year, and more than once both the pharmacies I use have told me that neither form is available.  I am going down to the wire, running out of my maintenance medication.  I don’t know if the raw material is sourced from Communist China, but it may be.  Of course, no one will tell me that.  So my doctor needs to waste time finding another medication for me, and all I can do is shake my fist at the Health Nazis who shut down a thriving economy.

Good riddance to 2021.



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