Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #180: Favorite photos of 2021

Like all of us, I thought 2021 was a very unusual, uncomfortable year.  It would have been my first year of full retirement, and a fixed income.  But that was derailed in July when I got a temp job that was supposed to last only one month, but stretched until the end of the year!  Some of my favorite photos were taken at work, of things that few others would have seen at any time.  From my early days on the job, I found some of the scrap metal from machining aerospace parts to be quite photogenic, and I was pleased to be allowed to take some pictures.

Ti-AL Shavings

I especially liked this one, with its metal shavings and curlicues making abstract art.  Every section of the photo has something slightly different to focus on.

On our trip to Nashville in April, I took what I think is my very best photograph of Mount Rainier, from the airplane window.


I think the mountain is the very definition of Majestic, and it epitomizes our Pacific Northwest.  However, it looked a lot less majestic at the end of the summer, when a heat-wave with temperatures over 100F melted much of its snow.


In late June, we drove up to Deception Pass, on Whidbey Island.  I loved this shot of the beach, taken from the top of the trail.  At the lower right of the photo, you can just see where the rip-current flows under the bridge.  That current is treacherous, and many boats avoid this passage much of the year.

I got my new iPhone 13 Pro in October, and immediately I was amazed at what good photos it took in low-light conditions.  I was fortunate to get these two lighted trees, on different occasions, against a dark sky.  They look ethereal, don’t they?


Finally, on that April trip to Tennessee, the limestone cave, wherein lies the spring where Jack Daniel Distillery gets the water for their Tennessee Whisky.  This is where it all starts.

Here’s hoping 2022 holds as many great photos as 2021 did.   Best wishes to all!

Here’s the link to Patti’s Original Post for this first week of 2022.

8 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #180: Favorite photos of 2021

  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I never see a photo of Mt. Ranier without thinking of Mr. Right, who climbed to the summit in 1974. It was a memory of a lifetime for him, and although I’m more of a “beach” person myself, I loved listening to the stories of his trek to the top.

  2. I didn’t realize you were semi-retired. You seem to enjoy that job, so you might as well go with the flow. Great photos, especially of Mt Ranier (a place I need to visit!). It’s great to get a new phone that can take pics in low light! Cool shot of the spring where JD whiskey came from, too. Glad you could link to Sunday Stills!

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  4. accordion2ray

    Mt Rainier, named after that famous beer now made in Irwindale, CA. ‘Thar be wonders in that limestone cave’ (Jack Daniels at Lynchburg TN).

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