My 2022 New Years Resolution.

I rarely make New Years resolutions, since they are normally very hard to keep.  But this year, I am.  It will be basically a continuation of last year’s informal resolution.  For 2022,


I saw this excellent meme in my Politically Incorrect Humor newsletter for today, and it perfectly conveys my attitude for the coming year.  I refuse to succumb to the attitude of abject fear being promulgated by the corporate media, and corrupt Health Nazis.


I do not plan to comply with any new or existing health mandates.  I will get no booster shots, will not wear a mask indoors (except in doctors or dentists offices where I have no choice), will not upload my vaccination status to an employer’s web site, nor will I “show my papers” in order to enter any establishment.  I will turn down any job offer which includes having to wear a dehumanizing face covering indoors-they need me more than I need them, and I will be happy to go back into full retirement when the time comes.

I will be my own person this year, not a puppet or slave to government.

2 thoughts on “My 2022 New Years Resolution.

  1. I completely agree, when it comes to complying with government mandates. I have a few friends who are quite sick with comorbidities and sundry issues, and who are (regardless of their political persuasion) quite scared of mingling with the general population. Whether or not I think that’s rational (in some cases–given their circumstances–I do think it’s rational; in others I’m not so sure) they’re my friends. None of them is obnoxiously demanding. Some of them are just scared. I’ll deal with them individually, and I think we’ll be able to come to terms in each case. Sometimes, I expect I’ll give a bit; on occasion, perhaps they will.

    I think that’s how it’s done. Or at least, how it should be done.

    1. accordion2ray

      We need to consider our own health, but I’m also considering the health and lives of my fellow citizens in choosing not to be vaccinated, and instead submitting to periodic testing in order to enjoy one of my social activities that makes my life enjoyable. I do not choose to put something in my body that will permanently suppress my immune system and make me incapable of preventing passing on a variant of the disease that won’t necessarily kill me, but has a much greater likelihood of killing someone else. I won’t have my soul corrupted that way. For me, it is a moral issue.

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