How’s this for “you take the risk, we reap the rewards”?

Some companies are offering incentives for their employees to take the experimental CCP Virus vaccine booster shots.  Many companies already have vaccine mandates for their office and factory workers, and some have lost employees who quit rather than be vaccinated.  One company I read about today is offering a very peculiar “incentive” for their employees to get “boosted”.  I expect that this particular incentive would only appeal to young social-justice warriors.

Here is a quote from an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, with the headline “Meta sets booster requirement”.

Bank of America said last week it would donate $100 to a food bank or hunger-relief organization for every U.S. employee who shows proof of a booster before the end of January.

On first look, that policy sounds very generous, and designed to make those employees who get booster shots feel warm and fuzzy for donating to worthy charities.   However, a further analysis shows that the policy is completely self-serving on the part of the bank.  First, those employees who get booster shots can expect to help the company keep its offices up and running, and not have as much sick or quarantine time keeping employees off the job.  Second of all, the donations the company makes to those worthy charities are tax-deductible to the company, thus reducing their cost of doing business.  Third of all, the publicity those donations garner (and you can bet the company will be issuing press releases touting those donations), get them “goodwill” points with the public, and the business community.

The only party in this exchange who receives little benefit, and takes a greater-than-zero risk, is the employee getting the booster shot.  It is already clear that even those who are fully vaccinated and boosted can still be infected with the CCP Virus, and spread the virus to others.  It is also clear that the vaccine can have very undesirable side-effects for some people, especially younger people who are not as much at risk for Covid complications as older people.  So far, Bank of America has not made the booster shots mandatory, but if they decide to do so, they might find that they have employees for whom that might be the last straw, and will quit.  Given the tight labor market, the bank might find it hard to replace employees who quit.

This will be interesting to watch.

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