I reject the Metaverse

Big Tech has deemed that the future is in the so-called “metaverse”.  This is a virtual world, where people are supposed to be living and interacting with others, as avatars.  In fact, the biggest of “big tech”, formerly known as Facebook, has gone so far as to change its corporate identity to Meta Platforms.  This company has been actively poaching talent from other big tech companies such as Microsoft (couldn’t happen to a more perfect target).

Facebook has already seen much opposition to its current platform, especially from parents of teenagers who spend many hours a day there; and from conservatives and libertarians who find themselves in “Facebook jail” and ejected entirely for expressing viewpoints deemed “misinformation” by the Censors. I made the decision over 10 years ago to avoid social media like Facebook and Twitter, and I have been proven right in that decision numerous times.

Sorry, Meta, but I prefer to live in Reality, instead of an artificial, Big-Tech-created Fantasy world.  No way will I contribute to a fake environment, where my identity can be manipulated by any tech company.  I prefer to live in the Real World, with real people.  The Metaverse is just another way for big tech companies to control the population, especially now, when those big tech companies increasingly cooperate with Health Nazis at all levels of government.  I plan to oppose the metaverse in any way I can, making sure I live in the real world.  No avatar for me.

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