What is this world coming to? This weekend’s horror stories.

If you thought Western Civilization was crumbling before your eyes, you might be right.  Aside from all the crime, homelessness, shortages, skyrocketing food and fuel prices that affect us all, two stories this weekend will confirm it.

The first story has to do with the “vaccine mandates” being forced on citizens by various governments, both national and state/local.  The evil Biden administration has now applied its “foreigners vaccine mandate” to long-haul truckers bringing loads into and out of the US from Canada and Mexico.  Starting this weekend, truck drivers at both borders will need to show proof of vaccination against the CCP Virus in order to drive their trucks to US destinations.  Trucking companies in all three countries will be hurt badly, and may lose many drivers.  Not to mention the cargoes of goods such as food, lumber, furniture, and medicines that will be stuck at borders.  There are already stories of Canadian truck drivers demonstrating against Canada’s rules, and it’s just a matter of a short time before American drivers do the same.  If you thought you’d seen empty grocery store shelves, just wait until all that cargo is stopped at the northern and southern borders.  We live in a northern border state, and it sometimes seems that half the trucks on our freeways are from Canada.

The other horror story this weekend hits close to home for us.  In past years, we have been on two cruises with Hillsdale College, run by Crystal Cruises.  Their two ships are smaller than the behemoths run by bigger cruise lines, and luxurious.  We enjoyed our cruises to Alaska and Hawaii on the Crystal Serenity and the Crystal Symphony.


Well, it seems that the parent company of Crystal Cruises declared bankruptcy last week, and this weekend the Crystal Symphony, in the middle of a Caribbean cruise, had to divert to the Bahamas (where it is flagged), in order to avoid an arrest warrant over millions of dollars in unpaid fuel bills.  There are now about 700 cruise passengers stranded in the Bahamas, and they will have to find their own way home, because the ship would be seized if it went back to Miami where it started its cruise.  We are seeing an entire industry summarily destroyed by government responses to the spread of the CCP Virus.

How much more destruction will the world see, in its misguided attempts to stop the spread of a virus with a 99% survival rate?  How many more suicides, bankruptcies, business closures, drug overdoses, and ruined lives will it take?  Your guess is as good as mine.

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