The mountain’s out!

When you live in the Seattle area, that usually means that it’s clear enough to see Mount Rainier.  But this time, it’s another mountain.  Yesterday, I went to downtown Everett to get my car washed.  I have a dash mount for my phone, and as I drove north on Evergreen Way, I noticed that Mount Baker was easily visible.  So I tried something I hadn’t done before, I took a picture through my windshield.  With a bit of judicious cropping, this is what resulted.

Mt. Baker

The mountain has no competition, does it?  It was out in all its glory.

Mount Baker, from San Juans, Washington

Above is another picture of Mount Baker, from a slightly different vantage point!  Taken from the deck of a Washington State Ferry in the San Juans, on the way to Victoria, BC.

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