[Better late than never] Last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal had the biggest bunch of crap I have ever seen in one issue.

Last week’s Weekend Edition of the Wall Street Journal had a number of articles that I just could not believe.  See if you don’t agree that they all add up a big pile of excrement.

Starting in the Review section, the cover story was about “The Once and Future Drug War”, by James Marson, Julie Wernau, and David Luhnow.  Their thesis was that the “war on drugs” begun by President Richard Nixon has been an abject, total failure.  They say:

At the current rate, accidental drug overdoses are killing some 100,000 Americans annually, and those deaths have roughly doubled every decade since 1979.

No doubt, those statistics are true.  Especially since the start of the Government Lockdowns of society, supposedly to “fight” the CCP Virus, drug overdoses have skyrocketed.  The problem as I see it is the authors’ solution to the increasing drug-overdose problem.  First of all, they specifically concentrate on the overdose issue.  Second, their preferred method of dealing with it is called “Harm Reduction”.  Now, that sounds like a very compassionate concept.  However, what they mean by “harm reduction” is really what a local conservative has called “government-sanctioned drug dens”.

Increasingly, governments are trying to reduce harm from drug use rather than eradicate it.  Advocates for policies and programs that treat substance abuse as a chronic disease rather than a crime say the growing toxicity of drugs is one of the greatest current public health threats.  The primary goal, they say, must be saving lives.

The authors are in favor of local governments and non-profit organizations setting up and running locations where drug addicts can shoot-up their drugs, supervised by compassionate nurses, to make sure that they use sterile needles, and consume only drugs tested for “impurities” like fentanyl.

In November, New York City opened the nation’s first overdose prevention centers, where people can consume illegal drugs under supervision.

Pay attention to that last phrase.  City governments are lending their approval to their citizens’ consumption of illegal drugs!  In fact, those governments are helping their citizens remain addicted to those illegal drugs!  Funny, but that sounds like the ongoing encouragement of harm, to me!  The authors are in favor of governments contributing to their citizens’ addiction to illegal drugs! Also, at last count, those illegal drugs are illegal at the federal level.  Might the DEA have something to say about these government-sanctioned drug dens?  Load of dangerous crap.


The next load of crap is an article written by a Far Leftist congress-critter from California, Ro Khanna.  He is in favor of the Federal Government (to the Left, all societal benefits come from government) “seeding digital jobs all over the country”.  He says that the feds should create a “national digital corps”, “bringing the brightest minds in technology [of course, they would all be leftists from Silicon Valley] to universities, community colleges, and local businesses to spend three to six months building effective credentialing and apprenticeship programs and mentoring new workers.”

Yeah, just what we need is more government direction of the economy toward information-technology, when the current economy is hurting for plumbers, pipe fitters, construction workers, machinists, carpenters, and electricians.  All of which careers pay quite well, and are adaptable to any part of the country with no infrastructure needed other than the right tools.  Those community colleges can train those workers in a year or so, and those skills never go out of style or need much updating.  Also, those “brightest minds in technology” carry with them not only IT skills, but Leftist ideology, which we definitely have more than enough of right now.


Next, on the next page, is an article by the food writer, Bee Wilson.  It is entitled “Goodbye to plastic food packaging?”.  The subtitle says “Environmental concerns are leading home cooks to embrace other methods of keeping food fresh, from brown paper bags to reusable beeswax wraps.”

Um, nope.  I’m guessing that those “home cooks” she references in the article are wealthy women, living in big cities on both US coasts, who virtue-signal by rejecting modern technology and going back to the old ways.  Well, we ordinary home cooks prefer NOT to go backwards.  We embrace modern technology, and use our plastic wrap to individually wrap pork chops and steaks that we buy in bulk, so we can freeze them for later use.  The majority of us real home cooks have NO environmental concerns about using the products that US ingenuity has brought us.  Sorry, but this article is a big load of BS.


Finally, in the Off Duty section, is an article entitled “Six Ways Tech is Making Bathrooms Brainier”.  Do you really want your bathroom fixtures to monitor your health, recycle your water, or boost your mood via “chromotherapy benefits via preset chakra settings or the option to dial in a color to suit your mood”?  If you like that, prepare to pay $12,000 for it!  That recycling shower will set you back $3,495!  They are very enthusiastic about touchless bathroom fixtures, of course controlled by computer chips.  Yeah, I don’t see any problems with a load of circuit-boards in a hot, humid bathroom.  You can bet that those computer-controlled faucets will break down regularly, requiring a tech-savvy repairman rather than your normal plumber!  The article also mentions bathroom fixtures controlled by an app on your smartphone.  How long until someone hacks that app, and is able to control your bathroom?  How long until the government decides that it is interested in monitoring your bathroom use, so it can prevent you from using “too much” water.   Load of crap.

Needless to say, most of this stuff is aimed at very wealthy coastal elites, and will not even be seen by most of us.  Just be glad I’m reading and reporting on this garbage, so you don’t have to!

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