Put yourself in Donald Trump’s shoes. Might you feel a bit angry?

Back in 2020, Rush Limbaugh stated that “We don’t go after our former Presidents”.  He elaborated, describing those presidents who had all sorts of problems while in office, offending various and sundry political opponents.  President Richard Nixon resigned from office, rather than face impeachment for the Watergate fiasco.  After he left office, no one pursued him or his aides with criminal charges.  He was allowed to go quietly into retirement.

Well, Rush was right, until now.  Donald Trump has been pursued by the Leftist Establishment and Media literally from the day when he declared himself a candidate for President in 2015.  Immediately, the muckraking so-called “press” published hundreds of slandering stories about Mr. Trump’s private life, dredging up as many women as they could find, who told their tales of how Mr. Trump had made them feel bad, “assaulted” them, or “raped” them.  Story after story was debunked, but the stories continued.

If they couldn’t get him on his personal behavior, they went after his business dealings.  The state of New York has been trying to obtain his income tax records, in order to accuse him of criminal tax-evasion.  They went back decades trying to dig up dirt on him.  They have gone after his business associates, trying to get someone to give them more dirt on Trump, in exchange for leniency.  More than one associate went to jail.  Leftists in New York and Washington simply could not tolerate a presidential candidate, or a President, who wasn’t one of their Political Leftist Elite.

Big Tech giants, like Google’s YouTube, and Twitter, banned the sitting president from their platforms, for the crimes of speaking to his constituency, the people of America!  The Tech Elites couldn’t tolerate a president who disagreed with them.  Hundreds of Trump supporters were also banned from those platforms, for speaking to the people of America.

Donald Trump is now out of office, but the pursuit continues.  Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Mr. Trump and his associates, on tax charges (from long before he was president!), and involving his attempts to show that the 2020 election was corrupt.  News stories abound.  Here.  And Here.

What the Left is doing, or trying to do, to Mr. Trump, is criminalizing political behavior.  They are attempting to make political phone calls into crimes!  The DemocRat Party refuses to let go of their dogged attempts to ruin Donald Trump.  They have said many times, in print and on television, that they believe he belongs behind bars.  How dare he question the results of the 2020 election?  How dare he sue the State of New York, for releasing his private tax documents?  Donald Trump is the most evil person ever to hold the office of President of the United States!  And, perhaps the worst of all, they go after the lovely Melania Trump, who was perhaps the most beautiful, gracious First Lady in US history.  That poor, innocent woman has been dragged through the mud by the idiots on TV, who even denigrate their young son.  This is abhorrent behavior, which, unfortunately, will not be punished until the idiots meet their Maker.

Former President Trump does not deserve the treatment he is receiving from his political opponents, and this is a very dangerous precedent for the DemocRats to perpetrate.  If they can pursue President Trump and all his associates after they are out of office, what would prevent the Republicans from pursuing Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Kamala Harris after they are out of office?  Sigh…the answer to that is, the Press, Big Tech, the DC Swamp, are all wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Leftist Establishment, and anyone who tried to pursue the Bidens would have a very difficult time.  But it’s not impossible.

Many of us on the Right don’t like Donald Trump.  But we should be very aware that if he is ruined by the evil Left, then we are all in danger.  It’s a good thing that Mr. Trump is a very strong personality, and does have his loyal supporters (including myself).  Think about it-what has been done to him might cause a weaker person to commit suicide, or murder.  He has not been permitted a minute of rest or calm since 2015.  It is a wonder that he is still around and fighting.  He deserves help.

3 thoughts on “Put yourself in Donald Trump’s shoes. Might you feel a bit angry?

  1. Percival

    One would think that with all the shady dealings of the House of Biden, that someone would begin to reflect that what goes around comes around.

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