Covid Insanity. This is turning into Murder of Innocent Citizens by the State.

And no, I am not exaggerating.  Not one little bit.  There are two stories in the news today that literally make me sick to my stomach, and so angry I could …  I don’t know what.  Commit violence?  Maybe.

The first story, from yesterday, is about a young father in Virginia with end-stage kidney disease.  The hospital system responsible for kidney transplants has told this young man that, if he does not agree to be “vaccinated” against the CCP Virus, he will be removed from the “active” transplant registry.  In essence, this young man, who has recovered from Covid infection, is being left to die of his kidney disease, denied the life-saving transplant.  Ordinarily, a young man with children would be at the top of the recipients list, but the absolute insanity of the medical establishment will doom him to dialysis or early death.  In my opinion, this is evil.  It has been shown from all the statistics that the CCP Virus vaccines do NOT protect a person from getting infected, OR from spreading the virus!  Thousands of fully-vaccinated individuals are getting infected, all over the world.  And it has also been shown that getting infected with the CCP Virus, and recovering, confers a high level of immunity!

So why has the medical establishment clung to vaccine mandates, in opposition to all the verified data?  Because they benefit financially from sale of the vaccines, and they can never, ever, admit error.  Citizens are having adverse effects from the vaccines themselves, including young men getting heart inflammation (myocarditis).  Still, the medical establishment insists on 100% vaccination, while innocent citizens suffer.

The second story, from today, is local.  Just last week, the Dictator in Olympia (Washington) issued an edict to all hospitals in the State, that they must stop all elective surgeries and procedures, due to the strain on hospitals from many cases of Covid caused by the Omicron variant.  There are few if any exceptions to that edict.  A young woman is suffering from advancing brain cancer, and her condition is dire.  But she is being denied hospital treatment, because the Dictator’s Edict prevents the hospital from admitting her.  So she endures horrible pain, and is denied the necessary surgery that might be able to reduce the size of her tumor and give her some more time on this Earth.

Both these stories are just sickening.  I thought doctors took the Hippocratic Oath, to first do no harm.  Well, much of the response to the CCP Virus has contradicted that oath.  There is no such thing as “public health” anymore.  There is just Control by un-elected medical bureaucrats, and rule by decree at the state and local level.  They aren’t doctors anymore, they are Health Nazis.  And even the elected politicians are in thrall to them, basically letting them run society.  Evil, pure evil.

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