How the mighty have fallen. Rogue cruise ships?

Hubby and I have been on two cruises, on the luxury line Crystal Cruises.  Both were Hillsdale College cruises, one to Alaska and one to Hawaii.  The fact that both cruises left from the West Coast was a deciding factor.  We took the Crystal Serenity to Alaska in 2016, and the Crystal Symphony to Hawaii in 2018, and loved the ships with all their amenities and wonderful service.

So we were very sad to hear last month that the parent company of Crystal Cruises, Genting Hong Kong, had declared bankruptcy.  Just recently, we heard that the Symphony, in the middle of a Caribbean cruise when bankruptcy was declared, had to change course and dock in the Bahamas, to avoid being seized for unpaid fuel bills.

Then, there’s the story on the Fox News web site today.

Rogue cruise ships wanted for millions in unpaid fuel bills seized by authorities in Bahamas: Report.

How the mighty have fallen.  The effects of Government shutdowns of international travel due to the CCP Virus have decimated the cruise industry, with many smaller cruise lines both in the US and Europe going bankrupt when they just could not get around all the health restrictions.

I am extremely sad to hear this.  It means that Hubby and I will probably never take another cruise, since he is not “vaccinated”.  That’s a loss both to us, and to the cruise lines.

2 thoughts on “How the mighty have fallen. Rogue cruise ships?

  1. We love cruises and our most recent voyages have been on Regent, our last one being the last one to dock in Miami before the Covid shutdown hit. We got into Miami on March 2, 2020! These were truly magnificent cruises and sadly it is looking more and more likely they may have been our last the way cruise lines are going under; I only hope I’m wrong but your post is just one more reminder of how devastating that shutdown has been and how its effects are just beginning to show their long term impacts. Thanks for the posts and all the best, Jim

    1. Hugs, Jim. We have been on three cruises, two with Crystal. Hillsdale runs a cruise every summer, and I heard this year’s cruise is sold out already. I am not sure if it will actually go. I have also heard that precautions at the ports of call in Europe have made them rather more of a chore than an adventure. If cruise ships require guests to wear masks everywhere, then we have gone on our last cruise.

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