Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #186: Low Light

Since most of my photos these days are taken with my iPhone 13 Pro, I am quite proud of how well it takes photos in low-light conditions.  However, even my old iPhone XR took excellent low-light pictures.  Last year, on July 4, we went to downtown Bellevue to watch the fireworks (that had been canceled for 2020).  Before the show started, I saw this beautiful sky at dusk.


You can just make out the people in the foreground, sitting on their blankets waiting for the show to start.

And then, I got great shots of the fireworks themselves.


Just the other day, my husband got out his A Clarinet, to see how it was doing, and show me some of its features (as distinct from his B-flat instrument).  The inside of a clarinet case is pretty low-light, but the barrel and bell stood out nicely.

Buffet-A Clarinet

Of course, houses with Christmas lights make good low-light subjects.  I liked this one in my neighborhood the best.

LightedReindeer-red bow

And I’m always keeping my eye out for lighted trees after dark.

Lighted tree, Starbucks Mill Creek WA


Here’s the Link to Tina’s original post.

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