CBWC: Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Lines

Here’s my entry into this week’s Black and White Challenge on Cee Neuner’s page.  Both of the photos below were taken in 2018, on our July cruise to Hawaii from San Francisco.

The first picture shows the ceiling of the Crystal Symphony’s Asian-themed restaurant.  When I am anywhere, indoors or out, I always look up to see if there’s anything interesting.  The exposed beams make some very straight lines, don’t they?  They criss-cross at various angles, and make convenient places from which to suspend the spot-lighting, and the heat/smoke detector.

B&W-CrystalSymphony restaurant

The second photo is from the Promenade Deck, the only deck of a cruise ship that goes all the way around the vessel on the outside.  This is an excellent demonstration of perspective, as the planks of the decking and the lines on the chests along the wall point to the horizon.  They are also echoed by the deck railings.

B&WLines-perspective on deck

Here’s the link to Cee’s original post.

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