The Universal Villain

I remember in a science class in high school, we were taught that there is one “universal solvent”; one substance that dissolves the vast majority of other stuff.  That universal solvent is Water.  Most stuff, immersed in water and given enough time, will dissolve.

So I have come up with a new concept, the “Universal Villain”, which I believe applies in America, and maybe worldwide.  That Universal Villain is behind most, if not all, of the elements of society which are tearing it down, and destroying the social fabric of Western Civilization.  The Universal Villain is behind:

Black Lives Matter




The Southern Poverty Law Center, which publishes a list of hate groups that include the Republican Party.  It, in fact, is the largest organized hate group in America.

Planned Parenthood, the largest destroyer of humanity in the world.


The “White Fragility” movement, and “critical race theory”.

White Fragility-DeAngelo

The CDC, which has kept America in chains for two years in the name of “public health”.

The Environmentalist Movement which, in the name of “fighting climate change” is moving society back to the Dark Ages of freezing in the dark in winter, and sweltering in the summer.


The “Transgender” movement, attempting to convince people that biological sex doesn’t matter, and people can be any “gender” they want to be.  Already destroying women’s sports, and causing rape within women’s prisons.


So, can you figure out from all these references, and this list of the forces of darkness in the world, who the Universal Villain is?

The Universal Villain is the White Leftist.  White Leftists are behind all of the above movements and organizations, even Black Lives Matter!  White Leftists run the Ivy League colleges, most big corporations, the Big Media, Big Tech, and the worst of all, the World Economic Forum (the group behind the Great Reset which is attempting to subjugate the entire world’s population).  White Leftists run the old Mainline Churches, including the Catholic and Episcopal Churches.  They are now more Leftist than Religion, and you can see this in their activities (they support homosexual “marriage”, environmentalism, Planned Parenthood), and their rapidly declining membership.

So, beware out there, of the White Leftist bearing policies which are antithetical to the survival of Western Civilization.  Beware of the White Leftists who are running the US Government now, doing their best to bring down the Greatest Nation ever conceived of by Man.

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